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Why the decline in interest in TS/Theosophy

May 06, 1999 04:48 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Thanks for your detailed response. 

In addition to what Dallas has commented, I think I need to further clarify
some points mentioned your response and my earlier msg.

In my last msg, I was addressing the specific question of attracting more
membership as well as make lodges and study centers more active

In trying the achieve the above, any activity which is like to be
successful should, IMHO, be tried. It is like when the house is on fire,
you try to do anything that can help put out the fire. It is in this
context I mentioned about the traveling lecturers being very effective in
the past. I believe that this appears to be so in the recent experience of
other sections as well.

I agree that the leadership is trying their best. Since the need to
increase membership and rejuvenate the lodges and study centers is still a
very important factor in the long term expansion and survival of TS, every
possible idea need to be considered no matter where it comes from since no
one can predict what will work and what will not work.

As for my optimism, anyone who is exposed to theosophy cannot be an
optimist and cannot be content with status-quo. I agree that we are all
humans and hence we need to "brain storm" and look at all possible ideas
which can help.

As for Jerry's comment you quoted "not enough meditation" and "work on
higher planes", I not able to comment since I do not have first hand
knowledge of either of them. One of these days, we may come across an
Initiate who can diagnose what goes on in higher planes and till then I
plan to confine myself with physical plane. I am not being critical and
this is just the fact as I see it.

I agree that we all should try to become an expression of 3 objects. I have
been trying to do so. Anyone one who personally knows me can vouch for this.

As for the passing comment I made regarding the top-down and bottom-up
communication, some time ago, I was surprised to find out that in the early
days of TS, each lodge had a member who was the go between the GC and the
lodge. So the lodge was kept fully informed of what went on in GC and the
GC knew what was going on at grass roots level. This was during the days of
HPB, Olcott and Judge. It appears that after Annie Besant took over, this
practice was discontinued and thus started the tradition of keeping the
membership in the dark about what goes on in the GC. I think this piece of
historical information may interest some on this list.

I hope the above would make it very clear as to where I stand on the issue
of trying to increase membership and rejuvenate the lodges and study centers.


07:00 PM 5/4/1999 -0700, Martin Leiderman wrote in theos-talk:
>I think we all have good points about the decline in interest in joining
the TS.

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