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Dallas Tenbroeck: Did you write something to this effect?

Apr 11, 1999 11:46 PM
by David Green

Dear Mr Tenbroeck----

In my email of yesterday to theos-talk, I wrote----

"In one posting, Mr Tenbroeck, you wrote that the Thesophical 
Societies (Pasadena & Adyar) engage in politics but the U.L.T. 

Of course, I wasn't quoting your exact words but the substance of your 

Now a ULT associate emails me privately defending you and basically 
stating that you never wrote this comment. He did not state how he 
knew this.

Tonight I have looked through scores of your emails and have failed to 
find your exact words on this. But I am still fairly certain that you 
said something to this effect. 

Mr. Tenbroeck, I ask you----have you posted words to this effect in 
the last 6 to 12 months on theos-talk or theos-l?

I would think that you would know whether such is your own sentiment 
and view. 

Hoping that you will be straightforward on this matter instead of 
avoiding the subject.  If you wrote such an opinion, you should be 
willing to acknowledge it and give reasons for such a view.  

If I have  made a mistake on the matter, I will be most willing to 
acknowledge my error.  I will continue to search your previous emails 
for your exact words on this subject.

David Green    

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