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The Preservation of Original Theosophy == the Function and Purpose of the ULT.

Apr 11, 1999 02:31 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

	April 11th 1999

I have thought it appropriate at this time to speak of the United
Lodge of Theosophists and again to offer for consideration the
basis on which it was established and on which it works.

A tree is known by its fruit.  The consideration and judgment is
always to be rendered by the independent and the free evaluation
of those who do the judging.

This is offered on  my own responsibility as an independent
associate of the ULT.


	If we consider what H.P.Blavatsky has said about Theosophy we
find  she calls it the "science of psychology." ( HPB ART I 46,
II 274-5).   "It cultivates all sciences, cultures and arts."
 HPB ART I 46, 63-9).  "It contains all human sects."( HPB ART I
53-4).  "It teaches mutual development, and good deeds."  ( HPB
ART I 235, 242-3).  "It provides a logical basis for an elevated
morality." ( HPB ART I 331, III 92).  "It demonstrates that
justice reigns in Nature." ( HPB ART I 333, III 92 ).   "It
requires intuition, and brings about mental changes." ( HPB ART I
433).   "It satisfies the scientific intellect and the
metaphysical spirit." ( HPB ART I 442-3, I 278).   "It is the
philosophy and the Law of the future."  ( HPB ART I 422.  "It can
produce social and religious reforms." ( HPB ART I 436, III 65).
[ ULT edition of HPB ARTICLES in 3 Volumes. ]

	The position that the United Lodge of Theosophists assumes is
that "Theosophy" is all that which agrees with what HPB and the
Masters have promulgated.  We are fortunate in this era that this
is available to us in writing as originally recorded.  It further
avers that this will be found consistent with logic and common
sense when tested independently, and that the system is coherent
and consistent from one end to the other.  This testing and
examining is our duty.  Our understanding of Theosophy grows as
we work to do this.  In fact one might call Theosophy a statement
of the ecological unity of Nature, now that ecology is realized
to be important.

	If in ULT, the name of W.Q.Judge is found coupled with that of
H.P.B., it is because it has been found that his writings are
consistent with what she recorded.  This can be proved by any
student who has acquainted himself with HPB's Theosophy, and
compared it with the writings of Mr. Judge.  This particular
touchstone is to be applied to all writings called
"theosophical,"  and in the publishing of any material in the ULT

	Mr. Judge offers in his article THE PROMULGATION OF THEOSOPHY,
(JUDGE ARTICLES, Vol., I  73-6, ULT), the view that we are we are
all members of a Brotherhood of Humanity - an actual spirit-soul
brotherhood, and this extends and includes every being in the
Universe, as they are all held to be equally immortal and have
the same origins.  The Universe is ONE.

	All is spirit and matter harmonizing at every point.  The more
experienced assist the lesser in their progress and evolution.
Each is, however, an independent, immortal, eternally progressing
LIFE, one with the WHOLE at all times and continuously in touch
with all other beings by the force of its continued living and
decision making.  It is the development of consciousness that
makes for the differences we see in various beings.

	Mr. Judge states that we are will coming back together under the
universal and impersonal law of Karma.  Its method of operation
is, for us, the cycle of reincarnation.  Therefore, any work we
do is for our joint future: for ourself and for ALL--the whole of

	Becoming intellectually aware of these ideas and to make further
progress, we need to choose individually to make heart (moral and
ethical) applications.  That is our special work, as we are
independently self-conscious and this power shows itself as our
innate power to choose.

	To remind one another of the great truths of evolution, and of
the goal of soul progress is our responsibility.  If we can see
and grasp this, then our change in orientation, our adoption of
brotherhood as a fundamental principle, has to be put into
action.  It raises a signal that attracts the attention of those
Elder Brothers of ours, who have advanced of us on the PATH.
They take notice of our more compassionate decisions and desire
to consciously cooperate with Nature.  They, in their turn,
extend help to us when our Kama permits, and when we need it.

	On our part, if we see we are unified, we will need to
impersonalize and purify our motives.  We will treat all persons
and things as our co-eternals, hence: brothers - young, or older.
Theosophy states that the sole "key" to the secrets of occultism
and understanding the secret workings of Nature, is an ethical
one.  HPB wrote letters to the American Theosophists meeting in
Annual Convention in 1889 and 1890, and there she stressed the
fact that "the Ethics of Theosophy are even more necessary to
mankind that the scientific aspects of the psychic facts of
nature and man."  By making "Theosophy a vital factor in their
[our] lives."  She indicated a discipline of study (to learn what
Theosophy is), and practice. A few moments later she observed:
.."ALTRUISM" the keynote of Theosophy and the cure for all
ills;  this it is which the real Founders of the Theosophical
Society promote as its first object--UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD."

	We cannot pretend that we are in nature and character something
which we are not.  We carry in our atmosphere the (invisible to
us) record of our deeds and moral condition.  The Adepts see this

	Any progress we make in self-discipline has to be self-imposed.
We would have no right to enforce this, or demand that another
comply with, or even emulate our example.  This leads to
understanding that the only successful way of group action, is by
mutual consultation, by consensus, and by volunteering to serve
in all relating to our joint work of preservation and of
promulgation--it being understood that all have, to some degree,
satisfied themselves of the "common belief" which Mr. Judge
speaks of at the bottom of p. 75 in the article first referred to

	Applying this to the ULT:  We may see why its DECLARATION is
carefully framed so as to make its policy and application
impersonal; and, base it on principles that are universal.  There
is no supervision of the associates, nor are there any fees, dues
or demands made on their time and interest.

	Mr. Judge wrote that he hoped for "500" theosophists who might
"sweep the whole world" with their thoughts, and that their quiet
and unobtrusive "deeds" might bear their mark on the present era,
for the benefit of those ages that are to come, since they would
be of assistance to the great Cause of the Masters: human
enlightenment, the reduction of poverty and sorrow,  for the
masses, the promotion of individual freedom of choice based on
knowledge, and an awakening perception of the "God" within each

	In the August 1896 issue of LUCIFER there was published a letter
written by the "Great Master".  It had been originally sent in
1881 and will be found reprinted as the first letter in LETTERS
FROM THE MASTERS OF WISDOM, 1st Series, 1919, Theosophical
Publishing House, Adyar.  In this it is stated:  "...The
Theosophical Society was chosen as the cornerstone, the
foundation of the future religions of humanity. [And later on the
Maha Chohan adds:]...perish rather the Theosophical Society with
both its hapless Founders, than that we should permit it to
become no better than an academy of magic, and a hall of
Occultism ! represent the embodiment of selfishness, the
refuge of the few, with no thought in them for the many, is a
strange idea my brothers ! ..."

	In the 2nd volume of ISIS UNVEILED ( pp. 165-250) HPB wrote of
the struggles, turmoil, confusions, parallel, and different views
of many persons and sects that were in existence in the few
decades around, and following the era of Jesus.  Have not the
past 116 years of the modern Theosophical Movement, been full of
similar aches and pains, and pullings and pushings, arrivals and
departures ?

	The spirit moving in the ULT-is the fact that the associates'
sole devotion is directed to the promulgation, practice and
preservation of pure THEOSOPHY.  This includes the nurturing of
those questing souls, who, coming from their own lines of past
endeavor, now, in this life, dedicate themselves to learning,
helping and supporting THEOSOPHY in the world.

	There may be some who would object to the idea that there are
those "professors" (Masters, Elder Brothers, Sages...) of the
university of Life -- which we now name Theosophy -- but, they
ought to take into account that in all schools (and in the
experience of all of us) there are always to be found those who
have worked before we have, and who are in advance of our stage.
This has never deterred true students from their determination:
to know for themselves, and to afford other inquirers the same

	ULT does not exist so that vast "numbers" will flock to its
halls.  It is content with providing impersonally:  1.  the basic
ideas for a framework that can be used by
independent/interdependent students of Theosophy who might desire
to associate for Theosophical work.  2.  It has determined to
keep in print the basic literature of modern Theosophy in the
pure form of the original rendering by HPB of the Wisdom-Religion
as agent, acting on behalf of the Great Lodge of the Masters of
Wisdom, and of such others (like W.Q.Judge) who have proved to be
entirely "in line" with that original rendering.

  	It exists for the sole purpose of ensuring this purity of
transmission for those who, now, and in the future, determine to
contact the living mind of HPB and of the Masters.  It endeavors
to provide centers for inquirers and students to meet and there
pursue the study, questioning, and promulgation of those original
Theosophical teachings which are considered to be the precious
heritage of mankind.

	It interferes with no man's sincere efforts, and urges that they
be aligned with that original program of the Masters.

	ULT recognizes that this will happen slowly, and that the
reawakening of minds to these principles of independence and
impersonality cemented by brotherhood, which are the germ of
great ideas for daily use, first by those students, then later by
the masses of men, will take its time.  It therefore encourages
individual study and practical experiment in and on one's own
self-consciousness of the verities that it conveys -- which are
the property of ALL.

	Since all wisdom comes from within each of us, it is suggested
that HPB's THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY should be thoroughly mastered as
a preliminary, and that the "Three Fundamental Propositions of
Theosophy ( SECRET DOCTRINE, Vol. I, p. 14 - 17) be made part of
the student's ever-ready mental furniture.

	In no way does ULT encourage "psychism," or the pursuit of the
marvelous and the unusual, without having earlier acquired a
thorough understanding of the principles that underlie those
phenomena.  Without that knowledge these may be considered to be
traps for the unwary, or amusements for the idle.  All the
secret, and presently invisible aspects, of Nature are well known
in outline to those who carefully study what HPB and the Masters
have to say, and who pay heed to the warnings and cautions issued
from the beginning by HPB in ISIS UNVEILED and elsewhere in her
and by Mr. Judge in their articles.

	ULT does encourage all students to acquire a familiarity with
the basic laws of the invisible Universe of energy and power, and
their present practical usage in individual soul cultivation.

	To summarize:--

1.  We, and all other beings, from atoms through mankind to
the "stars." are, each one,  eternal, immortal beings.  We do not
"die" although our worn out "bodies" are discarded by the process
we name "death."  Our 	daily period of sleep is in short,
analogous to what we call "death."

2.	Every being is conscious to some degree.  Mankind is
self-conscious.  Those who advance beyond the man stage may be
called "super-conscious" or "universally self-conscious."

3.	The Universe is a harmony in diversity.

4.	Every being collaborates with all others at all times.  We are
constantly sharing the energies of our thoughts and our feelings
by unconscious radiation each to all the others.   This is how
Karma is made.

5.	Progress is always self-chosen.  With mankind it is a moral
progression as well as an intellectual one.

6.	ULT represents an impersonal, active attempt to support and
continue these ideals in the world.  It excludes no one, and
establishes volunteerism as a prime basis.  It also encourages
study, since "knowledge is power."

7.	ULT respects and reveres the work of HPB and of Those called
"Elder Brothers," "Masters," "Sages." ... who made it presently
available again to us.  It seeks to keep Their "message" pure as
delivered.  It exists to promulgate it to those who desire it to
study and to use, to improve themselves and to help others.   It
therefore confines its promulgation to the original writings of
HPB and WQJ, and the questioning and careful  study of those

	In conclusion it can be said that ULT encourages independent and
prudent consideration of Theosophy.

	It accepts the freely offered service of anyone who desires to
forward the Cause of the Masters.

	It endorses the three original objects of the Theosophical
Movement: 1.  Brotherhood;  2.  the study of the lore of
antiquity and current thought;  and 3.  finally, to investigate
the forces and powers of invisible Nature which are potential in
every man and woman.

these the basis for its association and work.  The phrases used
are  taken from the writings of HPB and WQJ.


Offered for consideration by

              Dallas TenBroeck

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