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Re: theos-l digest: April 02, 1999

Apr 04, 1999 05:16 AM
by alpha

Dear Frank
Thanks for your message, and for turning that quote up.  In fact it was just
the one mail in which it was mentioned about Master M.
I did not mean to imply that M was not HPBs Master, as clearly he was.  But
what I did mean to convey, was that HPB never referred to him as "my
Master", but rather as "Master."  
The article you refer to is prefaced with the note: "[This is an account
written by Charles Johnston concerning his conversation with H.P.B. when he
met her for the first time in London, in the Spring of 1887, soon after her
arrival from Ostende.  Even though this text is not taken from H.P.B.'s own
pen, it is published here as it contains a great many points of teaching,
and bears obvious marks of authenticity. - *Compiler*.]"

Because of the way in which the narrative is written, it is very difficult
to be certain that H.P.B. did actually say "my Master," as it is an account
of a conversation Charles Johnston had with H.P.B.  I think you will agree
that alterations are made to what H.P.B. actually wrote.  This makes it even
more uncertain when someone is reporting what she said.  


>Dear Tony,
>some weekes ago several times you wrote that Mahatma M. is not proofed =
>to have been HPBs Master, because she always refered to him as "Master" =
>and never, in your words, as "my Master".Unfortunatly this is not quite =
>true as is can bee seen from her words in BCW VIII 399:
>>This is my Master...whom we call Mahatma Morya. I have his picture =

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