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Kosov situation

Apr 03, 1999 09:09 PM
by M K Ramadoss

In 1880s, there was a famous Maha Chohan letter from one of the Adepts
which HPB onwards, every leader of every TS organization has considered to
be the charter of TS. In it, the issue of cruelty and suffering caused by
human beings to other human beings was mentioned.

Looking at the moving pictures on TV of the refugees from Kosov, makes one
very sad that in this day and age this kind of thing can happen. Also I saw
some statistics of 2 million people being killed in African civil
disturbance, the pictures of which we have not seen. Add to this the
bombing that goes on in the name of peace and protection of people of Kosov.

One wonders if the human nature has changed in the last 100 years in spite
of all the technological advances. Can we say we are more civilized today
than we were 100 years ago.

The refugee problem, if any of the past experiences are valid, is going to
be there for several scores of years probably unresolved, like the refugee
problem of Palestinians.

After the exodus of refugees, the US has sent packaged food for 500,000
meals, which is commendable but is not a long term solution. If history is
any indication, when such exodus takes place due to interference of other
countries, ultimately these refugees end up in the countries which are one
way or other causing it.

What is it that you and me can do, however little it may be in this matter.
Of course the elected politicians are not going to listen to any common
sense solutions.


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