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More Quotations of importance from Theosophical Texts

Mar 27, 1999 03:34 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

March 27th 1999

What is the nature of Theosophical study and work ?

"When anyone is regularly accepted as a chela on probation the
first and only order he receives is to work unselfishly for
humanity - sometimes aiding and aided by some other chela - while
striving to get rid of the personal idea"		PATH Vol. 3, p. 107

"The 'esoteric work' does not appear, and cannot appear because
it is between the individual member and a "source" which reaches
him only through his own inner consciousness."	PO  55

"Experience in Occultism and in trying to live the "higher Life"
has conclusively shown...that we are placed by Karma wherever we
may be, and that we cannot gain by trying to "alter mere
surroundings," we thus run away from the very test given us for
the object in view."		PO 61

"We postulate that the good of others is our own, since we are a
part of the integral whole."		OP 73

Masters define Their duty and work:

"Our prime duty [is] of gaining knowledge and disseminating
through all available channels such fragments as mankind in the
mass may be ready to assimilate."		Mahat. Letters p. 385

"The first lesson taught in Esoteric philosophy is that the
incognizable Cause does not put forth evolution whether conscious
or unconscious, but only exhibits periodically different aspects
of itself to the perception of finite Minds.  [That which is
finite cannot be "perfect."]  Now the collective Mind of the
Universe-composed of various and numberless Hosts of Creative
Powers, however infinite in manifested Time, is itself finite
when contrasted with the unborn and undecaying Space in its
supreme essential aspect.  Therefore there are inferior Beings
among those Hosts, but there never were any "devils," or
"disembodied angels," for the simple reason that they are all
governed by Law.  The Asuras who incarnated...followed in this a
law as implacable as any other."		SD II 487

"A "thing" can only exist through its opposite."	SD II 490

"The one process is to inquire into and attempt to understand the
law of spiritual unity."	HD  82

"To are, to will, to achieve and keep silent, is the motto of the
true Occultist."		HPB Art. 511

"[It is] a law inexorable, by which man lifts himself by degrees
from the state of a beast to the glory of a God...The student who
desires to enter upon Occultism takes some of nature's privileges
into his own hands, by that very wish, and, soon discovers that
experiences come to him with double quick rapidity...he is under
a new and swifter law of development."
	HPB Articles I p. 76-7

These quotes are a few that might be mulled over and considered
as we proceed all together on the conjoint path of progress.  If
there are observations and comments on these they will be useful
for all to see.

Best wishes,



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