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More Web pages on Robert Crosbie

Mar 26, 1999 10:15 AM
by David Green

I've updated my web pages on "Robert Crosbie, Founder of the United 
Lodge of Theosophists."  I've added photo of Mr Crosbie & added links to 
Mr Kell's bio on Crosbie.

I've also added new web page on "Mr Crosbie's Revisionist Account 
of His Association with Mrs Tingley." Article includes Mr Crosbie's 
account & my preliminary analysis of his statements.

Two ULT students have emailed me this morning thanking me for this 
article.  But they said they're stunned by all of this.  None of this 
information was available from ULT sources, they report.

Another five or six ULT assoiates have privately written me deploring 
everything I have written on the subject but not one of them brought 
forth any evidence or arguments to counter what I've written.

I'll continue to research and write more on subject.  Articles will be 
posted on theos-talk & then on web site.

David Green

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