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Re: teaching? morals? ethics?

Mar 19, 1999 01:12 AM
by hesse600

> <<The mahatma's choose to help people speed up 
>  their evolution if there was exactly that purity of motive 
>  that theosophists talk about at infinitum.  >>
> There is another form of same mistake.  Not even God can speed up evolution of
> those who don't have purity of motive.  Purity of motive is what makes speeded
> up evolution possible.  So, no moral decision there for mahatma to weigh.

I suppose it is very simple: I just do not agree. It makes 
a difference for a child what kind of food it gets. THe 
Mahatma's have the ability, as I picture it, to make sure 
that a person does get the right kind of food. If a child 
does not get the right kind of food, certain parts of the 
body will not develop properly. This goes for the chela 
too, I would imagine. Current society does not (in my view) 
have the right kind of ethical *food*. In fact I grew up 
feeling that it was logical and natural to be unselfish and 
unkind. Theosophy has helped me gain the more natural base 
of feeling that to live and try to live ethically is a 
respectable way of living. I would think that people who do 
fight the social predudices like that (in even stronger 
ways) do get some support from *higher* levels. 

NHL Leeuwarden

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