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Re: teaching? morals? ethics?

Mar 17, 1999 01:12 AM
by Douwe Boschma

> In a message dated 3/12/99 5:53:14 AM Central Standard Time,
> writes:
> << k I misunderstand the nature of esotheric
>  teaching. The ethical question comes up very legitimately,
>  in my oppinion, when the question of speeding up evolution
>  comes up. >>
> Okay.
> <<The mahatma's choose to help people speed up
>  their evolution if there was exactly that purity of motive
>  that theosophists talk about at infinitum.  >>
> There is another form of same mistake.  Not even God can speed up evolu=
tion of
> those who don't have purity of motive.  Purity of motive is what makes =
> up evolution possible.  So, no moral decision there for mahatma to weig=

I am sorry to react on this message so late (it was written on the 14th)
but lately I hardly ever have the time to read them trough, but now I
luckily did..

The problem with talking about evolution, is that one may think of
evolution as simply a material process.
True evolution is not a material process but it is a process of a shift
from material to spiritual, within which everything grows towards its tru=
spiritual goal.=20

Speeding up evolution would imply that evolution as we know it would
naturally envelope to this very same spiritual height, while this is
impossible, seen the nature of nature. It would also mean that one could
hang on to this cycle and discard the Path, because evolution would bring
him to the True Source anyway. This is not true... There is a point where
the materialization becomes so dense that the spiritual counterpart in
man, the Seed, or the Jewel, is too far from him to be ever reached again=
so that the Seed will return to its source (unreveiled), and the microcos=
will dissolve in some sort of fermentation process, in which the consciou=
inhabitant will feel a great grieve, pain, and loss, from where there is
no return.=20

There is the Spiritual and the Natural... If one opens the Lotus and find=
the Jewel, the Jewel which is identical to the New Man, the personality
has to harmonize to the resonation of the unearthly luster this Jewel
which is Christ, and in this the true Evolution starts, an evolution in
which there is a resurrection from the dead (this material world), to Lif=
(which is the Spiritual world)... This is why the St. John says... 'The
One (spiritual man) has to Wax, while the other (the natural man) has to

Now the question is... How do I find the Jewel??? the answer is simple...
The personality is a dreamer... stop dreaming, and live Now...the dreams
weave cloths around you, every fantasy every hope and fear takes your
attention away from the Momentum Hodie, the moment which is Now. There is
no meditation or form of yoga  which is better, because they often are
cloth weavers too. just keep your mind from wandering to future or past,
because both are not real, the only moment which is real is Now.

Most of us know it, but only a few practice it... while it is the only wa=
to unveil the Jewel in the Lotus, the Jewel which is veiled by our
numerous dreams and reflections, how spiritual and positive they may even
seem. This last point is the stumble stone to most spiritually developed
people. Most people that think of themselves as adepts, are locked up in
this, because it is easier to let go of something nasty, then of perfect
'enlightened' dreams. But if you recognize yourself in this, then let go
of your lofty, spiritual dreams and wanderings... let them go as an
offering, discard the pain it gives to let go of it. This offering is the
greatest you can give, because it will make you smaller and more humble
then ever, and it will make you stand in the revelation in full clarity,
not in dreams that always have the sense of a river bringing you differen=
items of knowledge all the time. The clarity is deepest one, because it
sees trough all and everything all the time, because it is undefined.

No one enters trough the Port whilst standing erect. (f.i. One has to
crawl trough the tunnels of the Great Pyramid, and step over a portal and
bend his head when one enters the tomb where the dead is brought to
Eternal Life).

Most kind regards,


P.S. To Hesse (Friesl=E2n ???)

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