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Mr Richard Taylor's Comments on Esoteric, Private Groups

Mar 17, 1999 08:15 AM
by David Green

Mr Richard Taylor wrote------

>Frank, I do *not* believe there is a "private study group" in the 
>based Theosophical Society.  
>But *IF* there were, I still don't think it's any one's business, 
>for purely historical reasons.  The Theosophical Society shouldn't 
exist for
>historical purposes, but for spiritual ones.  Thus, only a spiritual 
>for joining esoteric study could be justified.
>Besides which, don't people have a right to associate how and where 
they will?
>In America freedom of assembly is a fundamental right of all citizens.  
I am
>not a member of Pasadena's T.S., I don't claim to know their inner 
>nor would it be any of my business.  But if they had or have private 
>it's their right, good for them. 

Mr Taylor----

Are your sentiments the same regarding the U.L.T.'s "Dzyan Esoteric 

You wrote-----"I still don't think it's any one's business, especially
for purely historical reasons."

Applied to D.E.S., are you stating an "outsider" has no business or 
right inquiring about the existence or the claims of the U.L.T.'s 
esoteric group?  Especially for purely historical reasons?

That no one should examine or criticize the inner workings or claims of 
the D.E.S.?

If this is your view, then please explain why U.L.T. writers including 
Mr Robert Crosbie for decades consistently & harshly criticized the 
Esoteric Schools of Mrs Besant, Mr Hargrove & especially Mrs Tingley.  
In the U.L.T. 1925 history, chapter is written to expose the inner 
workings of Judge's E.S.T. after his death.  This history quotes 
voluminously from private esoteric papers.  What business was it of John 
Garriques et al to criticize the inner, private workings of Mrs 
Tingley's esoteric school?  Critical account appeared to be for purely 
historical reasons.

& Mr Crosbie also harshly criticized in pages of "Theosophy" the various 
esoteric groups & their claims.  Was this any of his business?  Did 
these groups have the right to conduct their private studies etc without 
some "outsider" meddling with their business?

Again Henry Geiger of U.L.T. LA in updated edition of "Theosophical 
Movement" continued tradition of criticizing these esoteric sections & 
groups.  For example, Mrs Tingley's & Dr de Purucker's esoteric claims.  
Many of Geiger's statements are vitrolic & inflammatory.  And the 
Theosophy Company still sells this volume.  I've seen the book on ULT 
tables.  Mr Dallas TenBroeck has consistently advertised this volume on 
theostalk.  You haven't spoken out against these U.L.T. books.  Why?

Yet when Frank or I criticize Pasadena or ULT about their esoteric 
groups and claims, you get on your soap box & high horse & proclaim 
"It's none our business.  Leave those groups alone.  It's America."

David Green

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