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Robert Crosbie: More on His Special Status in the U.L.T.

Mar 17, 1999 08:14 AM
by David Green

In a previous posting I quoted from an encyclopedia article by Dr. James 
Santucci.  He wrote the following about the U.L.T. founder, Mr Robert 

"Even Crosbie himself claimed no special status, although he is 
naturally held in high esteem by [U.L.T.] associates."  THE ENCYCLOPEDIA 
OF CULTS, SECTS AND NEW RELIGIONS, Prometheus Press, page 504.

For scores of years, the inner circle in the U.L.T. Los Angeles has 
declared (both implicitly & explicitly) the unique & special status of 
the U.L.T. founder.  Here are two more quotes to supplement what has 
already been given---

"[Mr Crosbie]. . . identified himself with the DZYAN [Esoteric] section 
of the Theosophical Movement and the T.S., and was for many years the 
devoted and close Companion of William Q. Judge, and an occult pupil of 
H.P. Blavatsky. . . ."  "Theosophy" magazine, 1919, Volume 7, page 320

Here a special claim is given without any evidence that Mr Crosbie was a 
"close Companion" of Mr Judge as well as an *occult* pupil of Madame 
Blavatsky.  No explanation is given of what is meant by the words "close 
Companion" or "occult pupil."  How many occult pupils did H.P. Blavatsky 
have?  How unique was Crosbie's pupilage?  The U.L.T. writer doesn't 
supply such relevant details.  

In "Theosophy" magazine for November 1929, a U.L.T. writer proclaims 
"the glorious example of Masters' Messengers to the world, the 
Transmitters of the Wisdom-Religion.  Among These, and in our own time 
and country:  H.P. Blavatsky, William Q. Judge, and Robert Crosbie. . . 

Here in no uncertain terms Mr Crosbie is declared one of "Masters' 
Messengers to the world" along side Mme Blavatsky & Mr Judge!  A pretty 
unique status!

Additional quotes of a similar nature will be found in my completed 

In my next contribution I will describe certain aspects of the U.L.T.'s 
Esoteric School & quote relevant statements from various esoteric 
documents issued from U.L.T. headquarters in Los Angeles, California.  

David Green

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