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Interesting Court Case

Mar 15, 1999 10:51 AM
by M K Ramadoss

It is reported that a law suit citing God as a defendant has been
dismissed. The suit said Defendant God is the sovereign ruler of the
universe and took no corrective  action against the leaders of his Church
and his Nation for their extremely  serious wrongs, which ruined the life
of the plaintiff.

Plaintiff  wanted God to return his youth and grant him the guitar-playing
of famous guitarists, along with resurrecting his mother and his pet
pigeon. If
God failed to appear in court, federal rules of civil procedure say he must
lose by default, it was argued. 

Brothers have always kept their anonymity and had any of them been
identified, they may end up as defendant in lawsuit by a disappointed
ex-member of TS. Once again it shows that the decision to keep anonymous is
a very sound and practical one.


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