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Re: theos-l digest: March 09, 1999 = WORK OF THE ADEPTS AND MAHATMAS

Mar 10, 1999 07:23 AM
by JRC

>The very fact that the Theosophical Movement has spread and is
>continued to be studied by an increasing number of student all
>over the world is significant.

Would be significant if it were true. Its not. Its being studied by less and
less people. Memberships are either barely holding steady, or falling, often
precipitously. It no longer has the magnetic core that drew people a century
ago. And most of its leaderships have become little cliques who, instead of
considering the loss of membership to be a problem requiring creativity and
dynamism to address, instead now openly state that numbers don't matter.
Theosophy as a system is not a movement, its now simply an old man on a
cane, wobbling along, speaking the words of the glory days of the past when
it made a difference, and avoiding the notion of its own death. The "ancient
wisdom" is still around (it was before humans were even around ... all it is
is a statement of principles that govern reality) - and I personally believe
adepts exist - but save for a few small lodges with a little light, I doubt
the Theosophical Society is of much use to them. The minds are too closed
and the attitudes governing it too arrogant. -JRC

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