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Internet and Theosophy

Mar 04, 1999 06:11 PM
by M K Ramadoss

In 1875, TS was launched to spread Theosophy so that it could affect
people which in turn would lead to a  better Humanity, no mortal could
have imagined in their wildest dreams what technology is going to do
speeding up the ability to communicate. Last couple of years has seen
such a sudden expansion of the use of Internet, no one can predict what
where it would be and how it will impact in the next few years.

All of us has seen the impact of Internet, at least in this country. One
thing it has done is to do away with the intermediaries in the
transmission of information. It is human nature to control flow of
information by filtering, changing, distorting due to various reasons --
some consciously and some unconsciously -- this has gone on for
thousands of years. Now we have the unique situation that undistorted
and unedited information can be broadcast and the the receivers can do
what they want to do with it.

Looking at Internet, I saw an article today titled "Cheaper, or even
no-cost Internet access not far off". The article mentions of the
British Freeserve (which gives free access)  has signed up 1 million
users and has already surpassed America Online as Britain's most popular
Internet access provider. Also NetZero, had a stampede which gave away
ad rigged computers with free Internet access and has signed up 400,000
customers since October. If the free access is found to be successful,
one can expect it would become a throw-in like PC software or
rust-proofing for a pick up truck.

With the above background, how things have changed since last century.
The Founders had to travel around the world by sea and land and had to
establish TS centers around the world. Today from air travel we have
come to instant communication.

The question that come up is two fold. First: How can this technology be
used to spread Theosophy wide world fast and quick. Second is the
theosophical organizations going to be extinct as we know it because its
necessity and usefulness as it was in 1875 is no longer there.


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