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RE: Theos-World Pasadena Secret ES?

Mar 02, 1999 03:38 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Feb 3rd 1999

Dear Frank:

Did I send you a copy of the book  THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT
1875 - 1950 ?

It is documentary history of the movement and takes into account
all the main aspects of events between those years.  If I did
not, then would you like me to send you a copy ?

No one who writes for Theosophy receives any consideration
because of any "authority."  Truth does away with external
authority.  The only "authority" is entirely internal.  Each one
makes up his own mind as to what is true.  If you are interested,
I can send you some pages of quotations from Theosophical sources
that speak to this effect.

I have read many writers on theosophical matters, or those who
claimed to be able to interpret the meaning of some of the more
obscure statements.  Some do illuminate or draw our minds to
correlations and analogies, others seem to obscure thought,
direct it to themselves and their particular views, and fail to
provide students with adequate referencing, so that they can do
their own research.  I tend to be very cautious about those who
refrain from giving SOURCES.  They may be right or wrong, but I
have to see corroboration.

As to the preservation of the "Original Writings."  There is no
question but the issuing of COLLECTED WORKS, BLAVATSKY  is most
valuable.  Boris de Zircov and those who assisted him did a
magnificent job.  TPH ought to be commended for that. The only
problem with that work is its high price.  The average student
cannot afford the set.

I would like to point out to you that historically around the
1920s all the "original writings" had gone OUT OF PRINT.  It is
true that some of the books had been reprinted, but most of those
reprinted editions had been changed and edited by those who
claimed "successorship", or "authority" to do so.  In effect they
were no longer "accurately true to the originals."  One of the
primary tasks of the United Lodge of Theosophists was to make the
ORIGINALS again available, widely, and at the most reasonable
price, as close to actual cost, so that students could have those
to use and work on.

THEOSOPHY monthly magazine began publishing in 1912 and the
reprinting of HPB's articles (by then only in library editions of
THEOSOPHIST, LUCIFER and PATH) were again made available to
students.  In India, starting in 1930, THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT
began doing this also (published under the auspices of the ULT in
Bombay.)  Both magazines continue that work today.  In the 1920s
the larger task of reprinting a photographic version of THE
New York version Me. Judge had issued in 1893 of THE VOICE OF THE
SILENCE was commenced and carried out.  This was necessary for
the reason that the copies being printed and sold by other
Theosophical bodies no longer gave students the unchanged

I write this so you will be aware of the history of these books.
Adyar TPH was not one of those who left the original writings
untampered with.  In fact today you can but a copy of PRACTICAL
OCCULTISM said to be by HPB and which I found was done by a
mosaic of authors, all heavily edited, and some articles were by
orthodox Brahmins and professed credal methods and rites, which
HPB never endorsed.  I an send you if you are interested my
findings on this.  I wrote Adyar TPH and protested, and head
nothing, nor has the book been withdrawn.

Best wishes as always,


[ Incidentally: Were you able to send something to Reed on the
German translations of Theosophical texts that might be
available.  I too am interested to have that information. ]

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