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mammals, races, rounds

Feb 19, 1999 03:58 AM
by hesse600

Grigor writes:

> Any arbitrarily chosen pair of humans only genetically differ by 2%.  So, as
> MDs know, often a black donor, for example, is a closer match for a white
> recipient than any of the white persons relatives.  Race is only skin deep.
> With higher primates, the genetic spread is between 5-10% (I remember not
> exactly) in relation to humans.  So, in emergency situations, where human
> blood is not available, chimp blood has been and can be used (chimps have no
> typing but all have the universal donor type).
> But, I see not how physical proximity bears on spiritual proximity question,
> especially in light of idea of root-races, which at least, indicates same
> biological type (even relatives) may be of different spiritual race or be of
> greater distance.  

I don't know either. You are probably right. My thoughts on 
the subject are only just starting to develop. 
There seems to be more Spiritual proximity between people 
amongst themselves than there is spiritual proximity 
between people and mammals? On account of manas?  
The whole races and rounds issue is very puzzling.

NHL Leeuwarden

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