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Re: language

Feb 19, 1999 03:52 AM
by hesse600

> but lists can vary in quality time to time.  There is 
another one
> that is divisive open flame war on nature of love.  One who remarked on the
> paradox of how much divisiveness and venomous hate the topic of love generated
> became cause of unity on board, albeit not a unity in spirit of love, but more
> like undivided spite of dunked cat.

I don't know if it was that bad, but a simple 
misunderstanding grew out into people assuming I 
deliberately talked down on them. The fact is that I am a 
teacher (math & chemistry) so I am used to try and help 
people understand things better. But now the effort was not 
appreciated at all, in fact it was interpreted as an 
insult. And only because the person did not in fact 
misunderstand, so I was answering a question that did not 
Perhaps I should become less inclined to help? How is that 
for a theosophist, or a person trying to be one? 
No, I will continue to try and explain when I think I have 
a relevant answer or comment. Perhaps my skin needs to 
become more like one from an elephant.

NHL Leeuwarden

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