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Re: coincidences and equivalences

Feb 12, 1999 03:11 PM
by Hazarapet

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 Dear Sir,

 Yes, I'm that Grigor.

 I would hesitate to make any fast equivalences between Egyptian beliefs and
 theosophical ones.  They are not an exact match.  For example, there are five
 gross physical bodies according to the ancient Egyptians.  As a group, they
 are the little earth.  As such, they are the khat.  Roughly, khat = sthula
 sarira.  The ba is the generic vital soul with no individuality and is
 the pranamayakosa of the sthula sarira.  The ba is neither astral nor manic.
 This is that part that belongs to RA.  The rest belongs to Osiris.

 Instead, it is the Khaibat which is roughly equivalent to the manomayakosa
 vijnanamayakosa that together make up the suksma sarira.  Now, the buddhi-
 manas complex of the antakarana and aham is roughly what the Egyptians meant
 by the ka.  The ka is not, as you tried to guess, the real self.

 Like you Taoists and the Tibetan Tantrists, the ancient Egyptians affirmed we
 are not born with a causal body of deified immortality, but rather, are born
 with the potential to create one.  This god-body that we create is the sah or
 sahu.  It is created when the I component of the ka or ordinary self becomes
 free of the animals of the five bodily circuits of the ba and realizes itself
 to be the spiritual self or true I which the Egyptians called the khu.  Now,
 the clue to the nature of this process and of having a causal body at all is
 revealed in the appelation that the Egyptians gave to both one who has become
 his khu and has won his sah.  That appelation is sekhem.  It means self-
 mastery.  On the Egyptian view, the causal body is nothing but self-mastery
 over all ones lower manifestations.  Its very substance is sekhem.  

 G. V. A

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