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Re: Next Millenium

Feb 12, 1999 03:20 PM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 2/12/99 4:04:13 PM Central Standard Time,

<< f all the knowledge the theosophy has presented cannot translate into
 practical applications which have immediate impact, theosophy may become
 just another set of theories which some may choose to "believe", until
 again another messenger comes along makes an entirely new effort to
 re-present it.

 Any thoughts?

Yes, theosophists seem to be getting too bookish and not practical.  Many talk
of buddhi.  Their words betray them.  They talk through their hats.  Its like
a virgin trying to pose as an experienced or salted person amongst very salty
persons.  Or, one who has read a lot on physics, yet hasn't done any, passing
himself off as a physicist to someone (that he doesn't know is a physicist who
quickly sees the fraud).

Theosophists are either ordinary people with the same problems (and of no
special help) or they have undergone a deep practical line of spiritual work.
All this is leading up to this comment.  The best way to help people is to
help yourself.  Someone who wants to heal people has to become a trained
physician first.

Grigor Vahan Ananikian

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