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Re: December 08, 1998 - karma

Dec 09, 1998 05:50 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain writes
>There are people on this list who have uncovered past lives (Alan comes to
>mind) - he is far more knowledgeable in this area than I am.  Maybe he will
>discuss the emotions he felt when he learned of his past lives.  (hint, hint)

OK then.  First I am bound to say that being as objective as possible in
my research, I do not accept that my past life memories are necessarily
personal to me as an individual human being (at any level).  One or two
may be, but I suspect that some experiences are memories of past lives
of human beings who were not and never have been me in any way.

The emotions I have felt, interestingly enough, are the same in any event,
sometimes appearing as "my emotions," sometimes as vicarious
emotions, and sometimes as my own emotions *at the actual moment*
of having the memory.

I conclude, tentatively, that we are *all connected* outside of space
and time, and have good reason to suspect that any of us *could*
remember anything that ever was, or is, or shall be.

Ignatius of Loyola (upon whose methods much occult work is still
based) said that there are three powers of the soul (his word, "powers")
and that they are the Memory, the Understanding, and the Will.

Being a Jesus person, he suggests to his followers that they
*remember* Jesus' being on the cross, and then - wait for it - ask him
what he is doing there, how he got there, and why!  And he means for
real ....

I have tried this, and apart from the line where he says to Peter, "Save
me an egg, I'll be back on Sunday" [bad taste joke] the replies make
interesting but inconclusive food for thought.  They do, though, make
nonsense of modern Christian ideas about him!


Simply Occult ..........

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