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RE: Theos-World Re: HPB IN TIBET and her STUDIES and familiarity with "TIBETAN BUDDHISM"

Dec 10, 1998 06:32 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 10th 1998

Dear Tony:

As to why there is a constant battle between chaos and order,
between "white" and "Black" etc... I do not know what the
original CAUSE was.  In Philosophy there is ( SD ) a curious
statement that this is because of the "sundering of the ONE."  It
does not give a quick fix, but perhaps it is a base for a lot of
meditation.  And what is the "Causeless-CAUSE of all Causes ?"
That is another strange phrase.

One thing that does is to throw us back on our own devices.  What
if we were not here ?  But, we are here, so the question is
apparently irrelevant.

Since we are "here," what is our purpose ?  What do we do for and
with ourselves ?  Who are "we" at the core of our being -
assuming you may agree with me that the body, the emotions, the
thoughts, etc... all change all the time.  There is somewhere
INSIDE ( Where else ?) a place or point of stability, which does
not move.  Theosophy states that this is a "ray" of the ONE
UNIVERSAL SELF which, philosophically includes EVERYTHING without
any exceptions.  [ No extra-Kosmic God. ]  In Theosophy this is
named the ATMA.  It has for close companion and interpreter
BUDDHI (wisdom - that which is accumulated as reminiscence from
many of our past lives), and 3rd there is the MIND (Manas) the
thinking principle which thinks, remembers, anticipates, forgets,
feels and wills.

Suppose that the ONE had never divided - would all this
complexity of manifestaion and evolution and all the "pain" of
self-conscious existence have been avoided ?  And then what ?

I think there are some pretty insoluble questions-and these are
only confronted with the fact of our presence, and the presence
of all the rest of manifested life.

Look at it another way.  How does Genius arise?  How is it
possible for minds of greater power than our own to exist, unless
there is in operation a system of learning which provides for the
improvement of the mental faculty.

Where do the great prophets and sages come from?  They say that
the are men like ourselves who have gone through the same course
of education we are now proceeding with, but they did it earlier
than we.  They have remained as part of the benevolent assistance
of Nature as our guides, inspirers and teachers.  They do not
hide or conceal their wisdom, but they ask us to think out our
own problems and work on them - there is no other way for us to
grow - we have to do it ourselves.

Matter, the physical body we are all familiar with.  How it
exists nourishes, renews itself, and eventually dies as a
coherent base for mind, etc., we have seen adequate descriptions.
But those are descriptive only, they do not provide CAUSE.  Nor
do they explain relationships.  Why, for instance do thoughts
have a relationship with feelings, or emotions.  How does one set
about defining THOUGHT, or EMOTION ?

If an "emotion" or a "craving" is the expression of a strong need
(or desire), how and why does that arise ? what is its cause ?
It seems to be a lack.  Is that "lack" external or internal ?
How is it to be satisfied?  Is it valuable, necessary, permanent,
or is it only a momentary impulse ?  And if we were to be given
all the money to acquire anything we wanted - How much would that
do for us ?  would we use it wisely or foolishly ?  Again, each
to answer for themselves.  Remember the symbolic (and actual )
temptations which were laid out before Christ, and also Buddha
before they became "enlightened ?"  That is the kind of personal
situation we encounter every day of our lives.  Do we keep score
?  do we pay attention to that ?  Is it important ?  If we think
we die and are non-essed each time the body dies you get one
answer.  If we think we are truly immortal at our core - as the
INNER MAN - the answer is different.  And that, I would say,
marks the difference between "white" and "black" magic.

The idea that there is SPIRIT as an opposite to MATTER is a
mental and logical supposition.  But can it be PROVED ?  And
supposing that these are "opposites," then what stands in the
middle, what is That which sees and understands them both, and
even has the capacity of self-reflection?  Is that what we would
call the mind ?  the thinking principle ?  Is it possible that
this shares in the qualities of both and therefore apprehends
them ?  [  Here is an example of the Thinker thinking about his
thought processes - so these two are to be considered separate -
the Operator, and his "tools." ]

Now how is that for a beginning ?

As to the applications of these ideas to the opposing forces in
the world of the "white" Gelugpas and the "black" dugpas, etc -
all kinds of names have been given these historically -what is it
we want to know ? the difference ?

If we assume that the Univese runs by Laws in such a way that the
least of its components is as well protected and integrated as
the "greatest," then a simple definition could be as follows:

Those beings in existence who cooperate voluntarily with the Laws
of Nature are deemed "builders" - and called in general the
"White"  (or pure ) side.  Those who try to isolate themselves
from everyone, in what ever degree, who are "selfish," and love
to confuse and deprive others of their independence are called
(in general) the "Black" (or destructive) side.

Of course if we do not think that Nature (as a whole) is
cooperative, and we embrace the idea that everything "out there"
is a jungle and the law of "tooth vs. claw" prevails - all this
thinking is useless and worthless.  It does not support our
preconceived notions, and we may not like reading or thinking of
it.  However, I think that the REAL world does not car much for
how we think or feel.  It runs serenely on - following its own
immutable and impartial way - adjusting as usual all components
to each other.  If we happen to become grit in the gears, then we
get smoothed out as the machinery of the Law grinds serenely on.
Sounds awfully mechanistic, does it not ?  But, how else would
you administer such a vast array of independent immortal "sparks"
each striving to become consciously immortal ?  they have to be
treated impartially as the children of the ONE, and given their
chance to live within the TOTAL.
Does this "rub out" individuality ?  Not at all, it merely gives
it more room to expand, to accelerate its own learning and worth.
Those we see and apply this become the Buddhas and the Christs of
the future - and this is, ultimately the fate of us all.  Some
hurry up the process and some retard it.

We need only consider the way in which life is supported in
ourselves-our physial selves--to realize that we are almost
totally dependent on the innate and inherent intelligence
resident in the many atoms, molecules, cells that make up our
bodies.  This is what mother Nature provides us with as a "field"
for our living.  And we form with those many components living
bonds of active force which unite all into one.  How is it that
they know when to come and go, and when to assist or leave the
organs and structures of the body alone ?  How and who surveys
and controls them ?  We don't - we are tenants in our own bodies
and dependent on their benevolence in regard to our being.

Is this not why the Buddha and Christ spoke of being brotherly ?

Well, what do you think ?


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