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Re: theos-l digest: December 13, 1998

Dec 14, 1998 03:11 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain writes
>Karma just seems like a "middleman" - to me, it just doesn't seem to
>justify its own "existence."  Why does God need such a thing as "Universal
>Law?"  Can't God just simply BE "Universal Law?"

Go to the top of the class.  God IS "Universal Law" and "karma" is
generated and paid for in the universal moment.
>I must say: I personally postulate that the concept of karma is merely a
>tool to use - like heaven and hell - in order to keep people in line.

It certainly *is* used this way - I expect you have noticed the vast
range of things that are due to "bad karma".  Don't hear much about
"god karma" do  we?  One interpretation of karma not usually thought
of is that "karma" = "getting even" ...... save the ":Lords of Karma" a lot
of work, eh?

Alan :0)
Simply Occult ..........


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