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FW: Theos-World Theosophical Glossary by H.P. Blavatsky

Dec 15, 1998 11:33 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

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> Subject:	Theos-World Theosophical Glossary by H.P. Blavatsky
> Dec 15th 1998
> Dallas offers:
> What I say below is my observation after using it regularly for
> over 58 years.
> I have found a few errors, (facts not stated correctly - but
> whether that was Mead or HPB I do not know) but otherwise it is
> reliable.  The errors or variances are not serious, and are
> easily correctable.  They hardly qualify in quantity or
> importance to damn the whole book.  I have also found
> illuminating statements made there which illustrate some of the
> occult and esoteric philosophical aspects of Theosophical
> teachings - not to be found elsewhere.
> I do not understand how de Zircov has written such a scathing
> opinion, as usually his scholarship is meticulous.  He must have
> found, on close examination, what I have found, and which anyone
> who desires to devote time to such work, will find.
> As a result of this kind of study I have been able to verify that
> Theosophy is cohesive and its coherency is systematically
> traceable.
> I will add that this work has forced me to add a great number of
> additional words (not Indexed in HPB's original Glossary) to the
> list of definitions made - these are extracted from ISIS, SD and
> other articles by HPB, where they are defined.
> I have checked against ISIS and SD almost every entry, and have
> found corroboration, or textual reprinting of definitions or
> statements made in the GLOSSARY to agree with the references made
> originally in those two books, or HPB's Articles.
> To do this I read consecutively all the entries she made, and
> cross-referenced them INSIDE the "Glossary." Then, as I read
> through ISIS and the SD, I checked the words used there with
> those in the GLOSSARY and placed notes at those entries for
> future retrieval.
> In addition I came across so many other valuable references that
> I was forced to have my book-binder insert a blank page between
> the printed pages.  I have used this for such storage of
> references over the years and in some cases have been forced to
> add additional sheets.
> Since HPB uses such a wide sweep of references taken from the
> past, it is necessary for a student to do this, so as to assure
> him or herself of the accuracy of Theosophical doctrines.
> And, the historical and classical base from which statements are
> made.  If this is not done then the student is placing reliance
> on "authority."
> What I write above is  factual and is not written to make me
> appear authoritative.  It is for this reason when I state
> something on behalf of Theosophy, I give references, so that
> other students may cross-check what I say back to the original
> sources.
> Best wishes,
> Dallas
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> SUBJECT:	Theosophical Glossary by H.P. Blavatsky
> Regarding previous emails posted to Theos-Talk, one of my
> correspondents writes privately to me:
> "The Glossary is . . . full of errors. . . . Had I the time I
> would find dozens of entries I think are suspicious and
> contradict earlier writings of HPB, especially the SD.
> I.	. . think Mead wrote a great deal of it, and it waited for
> HPB's approval. After she died, the MSS. were simply published
> without HPB's thoroughgoing edit.  Much of what's in there is
> from HPB, and I feel certain much is not. . . ."
> It would be most helpful not only for me but for the benefit of
> other Blavatsky students, if my correspondent could find the time
> and list 6 to 12 entries which she believes "are suspicious and
> contradict earlier writings of HPB, especially the SD."  I will
> enquire about this.
> In the meantime I am posting the gist of this on Theos-Talk,
> hoping that other Blavatsky students may find the above comments
> of some interest.  Dallas, if you read this, what is your opinion
> about these comments since I know you have made a special study
> I will post some of my own thoughts on THE THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY
> in the near future.
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