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Re: Peace ....

Dec 20, 1998 05:31 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

M K Ramadoss <> writes
>This whole Iraq situation is purely political. All they want to is to get
>rid of Hussain by any means. Those who support any bombing have no idea
>what it is to be on the receiving end. It is the common man woman and child
>who are being hurt.
>At 12:56 AM 12/17/1998 +0000, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>>Let us extend our thoughts of horror and sadness at the plight of the
>>people of Iraq at this awful time; may they soon find peace.

Thanks, Doss.  I lived through WWII.  We were bombed.  My aunt
came home from work to find her whole street had been blasted into
rubble.  Later the Brits did the same to Dresden, Germany.

My Grandfather was a medical orderly during the WWI.  He got cut off
from his unit in France (many did) and gave what first aid he could to
whoever he found, regardless of nationality or military status.  Many
were civilians.  Eventually he was picked up by another friendly unit.
He never forgot what he saw.

We had to learn as kids that shrapnel should not be picked up - it is
often hot enough to burn you badly - I have even seen it glowing red in
the street - we had dogfights overhead where we lived, and often saw
planes spiralling down into the sea.

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