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What do we do with those who want war?

Dec 20, 1998 10:10 PM
by kymsmith

Doss wrote:

>This whole Iraq situation is purely political. All they want to is to get
>rid of Hussain by any means. Those who support any bombing have no idea
>what it is to be on the receiving end. It is the common man woman and child
>who are being hurt.

I do think many of those who "support" bombings and wars do know that it
is, ultimately, the innocents that suffer.  However, I have read
biographies of those who, during WWII, were in concentration camps that
found themselves cherring and finding hope every time they saw Allied
bombing planes flying overhead.  Of course, the German citizens found no
such hope and were very frightened - and many innocent men, women, and
children were killed or horribly maimed.  In the case of the people of
Kuwait, they are comforted to see that Iraq is being "controlled" as they
know what Iraq is capable of and is willing to do.  But at the same time,
the citizens of Iraq are going without medical care, food, and other

For every war and bombing, there are some who find relief and liberation;
others find death and destruction.  It would be so much easier if we didn't
have people like Hitler and Hussein who do not care who suffers and dies,
but we do - and it still remains a mystery on what is supposed to be done.

If Iraq was "left alone" - would that mean a stop to suffering or would
Hussein simply rebuild his weapons as he has promised?  That is the choice
the world is faced with. . .for those who have better alternatives, let
them speak - but they must keep in mind the Kurds, the people of Kuwait,
the people of Israel, and the people of Iraq.



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