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You got the money, I got the time

Nov 02, 1998 10:32 PM
by kymsmith

Bart wrote:

>	The TSA is incorporated in the United States. Do you realize that you
>are advocating the harrassment of not-for-profits into non-existence, by
>the way?

It is polite, and kinda sexy, to back up such accusations with one or two
reasons which may provide support to your above claim.  In what way, Bart,
is Doss "advocating the harrassment of not-for-profits into non-existence?"

>	That's closer to a communist point of view (where the state has the
>right to all your money, and gives you what it thinks is fair) than the
>American point of view (where taxes are a fee paid to the government for
>services rendered).

And here you are clearly implying that the "American point of view" (are
Americans the ONLY ones who think this way, Bart?) is the best way.  It is
debatable whether capitalism truly is a superior form of commerce.  GENUINE
"communism" really has a benevolent foundation - share and share alike.
Capitalism can hardly claim that equality is part of its goal; actually
such a goal is considered rather wussy by many of capitalism's adherents.


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