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RE: Theos-World Re: Theosophical History = and our future

Nov 07, 1998 12:20 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 7th 1998

Dear Frank:

Your comments and the narration of your experiences show how much
"history" can be twisted and also how the average person can be
to submit to conditions that are unfavorable.  And I might add
that the formation in 1909 of the ULT was the result of
discussions among several students of Theosophy who felt that the
atmosphere of a "Society" presented too restrictive an
environment, by saddling members with by-laws and officers, that
had nothing to do with the study and practice of Theosophy.
Theosophy is free of any organism.  It is statement of "Facts in
Nature," and as "history" it offers a statement of the
development of their study and practice down the ages.
Theosophy, from one point of view, is a statement of the Laws
operating though out Nature - from the most remote past up to our
present and proceeding out into the foreseeable future..

For the benefit of those who would like to see what Mr. Judge had
to say on the subject of the "attacks" made on him, the ULT has
reprinted "TWO ANSWERS" by W. Q. Judge which cover the matter
fully.  These will be found to summarize the "Judge Case" and
underline the principles involved.  They also serve to let
readers know what Judge had to say openly and publicly in those

It is probably necessary that students of Theosophy learn more
about Mr. Judge.  But instead of rehashing history that is past
an gone, perhaps the constructive thing is to read what he has
offered as one of HPB's most responsible assistants - entrusted
as he was for the development and spread of Theosophy in America.

It might be of general interest to see how Judge wrote about

An introduction to his work can he had by looking up THEOSOPHY
GENERALLY STATED [ published by Annie Besant in LUCIFER for
December 1893.  ULT - WQJ Articles I p. 1. ]

Considering the universal applications of Theosophical doctrines
he wrote an article published in PATH for October 1889:

In about 35 pages he covers the entire scope of Theosophy in
EPITOME OF THEOSOPHY.  This was originally one of the "Free
Tracts" that the T S in America sent out by the thousands to
prospective persons who might be interested in the philosophy.
In the course of 10 years nearly 1,000,000 (a million) "Free
Tracts" were mailed.  [ Printed by the TPH,  ULT,  TS in A ]

The work was done by persons who desired to help spread the
benefits they had themselves received.  The T S provided free the
"tracts," the envelopes, and the stamps (if necessary).  The
recipients located in various parts of the country then decided
to which addresses the tracts ought to be sent in and around
their community.

The T S supported several travelling lecturers who devoted their
time to visiting many centers where interest in Theosophy showed
itself and there, they delivered talks.  And provided answers to
those who might be interested in starting a Branch. In the
magazine THE THEOSOPHICAL FORUM there were printed summaries of
such talks.  At the ULT these have been gathered and reprinted in
a small pamphlet under the title "SUBJECTS FOR DISCUSSION."
These are quite valuable for those who want to review what
Theosophy teaches on a subject, or in preparing a lecture.

All these are available from THEOSOPHY COMPANY, 245 W. 33rd St.,
Los Angeles, 90007.
Prices are about $ 2.00 each.

I reprint for those who have indicated they are interested


	"The policy of this Lodge is independent devotion to the cause
of Theosophy, without professing attachment to any Theosophical
organization.  It is loyal to the great Founders of the
Theosophical Movement, but does not concern itself with
dissentions or differences of individual opinion.

	The work it has on hand and the end it keeps in view are too
absorbing and too lofty to leave it the time or inclination to
take part in side issues.  That work and that end is the
dissemination of the Fundamental Propositions of the Philosophy
of Theosophy, and the exemplification in practice of those
principles, through a truer realization of the SELF, a profounder
convictions of Universal Brotherhood.

	It holds that the unassailable basis for union among
Theosophists, wherever and however situated is "similarity of
aim, purpose and teachings," and therefore has neither
Constitution, By-Laws nor Officers, the sole bond between its
Associates being that basis.  And it aims to disseminate this
idea among Theosophists in the furtherance of Unity.

	It regards as Theosophists all who are engaged in the true
service of Humanity, without distinction race, creed, sex,
condition or organization, and

	It welcomes to its Association all those who are in accord with
its declared purposes and who desire to fit themselves, by study
and otherwise, to be the better able to help and teach others.

	"The true Theosophist belongs to no cult or sect, yet belongs to
each and all."

In conclusion let me emphasize what HPB writes at the conclusion

In our hands individually and collectively lies that power which
can project and sustain the Theosophical Movement into the
future - into the 21st Century and beyond if we work for it and
try to do our best on its behalf - remembering that it is for
Humanity's sake that we labor, and when we all reincarnate
together in the future, our efforts now, will have paved the way
for some degree of benevolent change in society then.  So Karma

With best wishes,


>Date: Friday, November 06, 1998 6:13 PM
>From: Frank Reitemeyer
>Subject: Theos-World Re: Theosophical History == Mr. P. Johnson's opinions

Dallas wrote:

>Nov 5th 1998
>Dear Frank:
>I was glad to read your posting on theos-talk in this matter.
>Most "histories" offer opinions.  Opinions are individual.  They
>approach the area of fiction when the opinions of a writer, and
>what he attempts to reconstruct as possible motives, are offered
>as "facts."  Unsuspecting readers who are rarely ready to
>duplicate basic research into historical documents, and the
>events and facts they reflect, are quite likely to escape their
>attention.  It is easier for the lazy (and most of us are in
>various ways) to accept as "authoritative" the opinionated and
>fictionalized history so offered.  Thus traditions arise.
>In my youth I was educated in four countries, and therefore
>see at first hand the effect of partisan and politicized
>histories when the same event was described.  Documents are


Dear Dallas, I was glad to help a little bit with my limited
English to
defend that Great One of whom HPB said in 1888: "My only friend"
and from
whom she as the only one required a pledge as "he gave it
thirteen years to
the same individual which is my Master". Reading such accusations
as we
discuss here based merely on arbitrary selections of the
historical data
misinterpreted in a pure exoterical brain-minded "scientific" way
makes it
once again clear to me that HPB's esoteric co-worker suffered
much. And if
you remind that and how he lived nevertheless  the theosophical
suffering in silence about the intrigues of people he trusted so
much and
remained friendly and had compassion with his enemies (Elsie
Benjamin told
once the whole story in our Lodge, her father was a direct
witness of the
sad affair, he told that Judge had great compassion with AB and
did made the
prediction that one day the whole truth will come to light and AB
in turn
will have to suffer the more for her "sins" because thousands
will stand up
against her) one came only to the conclusion that he was one, who

I have too my own experiences who "history" is written as I grew
up in
cold-war Berlin. There is no business with more lies than this.
government lies. Each government "makes" its own history, whether
it is
called democratic, socialistic or national-socialistic. With the
lazy masses
you can do anything, because the most people do not really think.
In my high
school  days some pupils thought that the Berlin wall was erected
by the USA
and from our teacher we learned that the Comecon was the only
system and the living standard in East Europe was very much
higher than in
the West. But from personnel knowledge on my relatives I knew
that even in
the GDR - ever described as the best developed socialistic
country - the
people haven't had the simplest things as needles, fruits etc.,
and waiting
20-30 years for "luxury" things like a phone or a plastic car...
Or take for
example the stories about WWII, most are rather political "facts"
than hard
*historical* facts. To discuss or inform about the Holocaust is
because if you are interesting in this field and you are not an
who is installed and controlled by the government you MUST be a
Nazi. It's
logically, because only Nazis are interested in those strange
matters. There
is one old saying: If you will know who really rules a country
you have just
to look to that was is verboten and you will know who rules.
For me there are only to ways to escape if one can think for
himself: 1. to
become crazy, not recommended, or 2. to trust that only Theosophy
has the
power to enlighten mankind...

Last but not least I would like to express that our study in
theos. history
must lead us not to the false conclusion that all Theosophists
must have the
same view on it and so create a dogma. We all must strengthen our
for a better information exchange and co-operation. The Internet
gives us a
good tool to make that real. Co-operation depends not on the
similarity of
opinions but on the common search for the truth. And friendly
fights are a
good way to it.



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