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Only Dallas worshippers need apply

Nov 06, 1998 10:00 PM
by kymsmith

Dallas wrote:

>It is the unifying aspects of Theosophy that are of importance,
>regardless of our personal respect for those who have been
>instrumental in giving us access to Theosophy.  Respect for all
>those who have worked constructively ought always to be given in
>my esteem.

Dallas, you are the ultimate phoney.  It is CLEAR that the only
people you
"respect" or even believe deserve "respect" are those that ONLY
YOU.  If anyone dare question, examine, or disagree with your
Saintly and
oh-so-Holy HPB and elusive Masters, your mind goes into

Your ability to be more machine than human is mind-boggling.  It
is evident
by your response - or actually lack of personal response - to
Paul that
what he had to say meant nothing to you.  I have seen you respond
to people
who express frustration and a wish to communicate in your
cold-hearted and
dismissive way over and over and over.  You are a master at
driving people
AWAY from the lists and Theosophy itself; making people fight
feelings of
being attacked, ashamed, unwelcome, and unwanted.  You have been
told how
much you have hurt people repeatedly, by others besides me; yet
you remain
completely unmoved.

I believe, in all honesty and seriousness, that it was minds such
as yours
that were present and active in the times of the Inquisition and


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