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Re: Theosophists vs. average human beings

Nov 09, 1998 11:45 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Kym wrote:
>The "tidal wave" is NOT "increasing," Frank.

I have made other experiences. Come to Berlin and I show you hundreds of
groups which are channeling HPB, the Masters, space ship Commanders, are
flying in the astral world, hypnotize others, selling faked photos of HPB
and the Masters, working with Masters, some of them naturally very higher
than the teachers of HPB, eating only Prana, initiations in a weekend
workshop etc., etc. Does all this not exist in the area you come from, Kym?

>Have more faith, love and hope for humanity.

Thank you for the motivation. Does my faith, love and hope for humanity
increase when I would also start a new age career? Have I not enough of
positive thinking?

>More and more people - not less and less - are
>beginning to understand the broader picture.

That's really good news. I feared a little bit we are entering more and more
the kali yuga.

>And, believe it or not,
>Frank, those who disagree with HPB, you, or Dallas may not be merely
>wallowing in "illusion," "laziness," or "blind belief."

Again good news. Or is the illusion of illusion just an illusion? When I
understand you in the right way than one can disagree or misunderstand HPB
or misrepresent her teachings and should not fear to on teh wrong way.
That's indicates that something with HPB must be wrong? What is it?

>Again, Dallas and now you, Frank, do NOT REALLY KNOW what TRUTH is (no
>human does) - but Dallas and you have made clear that there is no other
>"truth" or "viewpoint" that is valid.

Mmmmhhh. When no one knows what truth is then it is easy for me to start a
New Age career. I can lie all the time and assert it has it basic on HPB.
That's interesting. When Dallas then protests against my claims I blame him
just with fundamentalism or that he dosn't know what truth is.
Folks, all should follow me!!! I am the Galactic Commander and the chief of
the Maha Maha. The Master St. Germain is my pupil. That is the truth. For
all who will be initiated I make an offer: Send only $30 to me and you will
get my first instruction how to become a pupil of the Great White
Siblinghood. The Logos yesterday came into my flat in His astral body and
had told me privatly that HPB regretted her wrong teachings about
reincarnation and karma. It is a trick from the dark side. You must only
follow my instructions (for a low price, only covering my costs) and you
will get more love and understanding. All will be good. Don't hesitate.

>And, contrary to your statement: Yes, Frank, we ARE WORKING FOR TODAY!

>Today matters - for today people are suffering, lost, and sad.  Every day
>matters and every person matters.  Those who look and work ONLY for some
>way-off day in the future are ignoring and perhaps misunderstanding what
>Life is - today matters, for today, someone may hear "God" or someone may
>find Love or someone may learn the meaning of Compassion or someone may
>need comfort or someone may need help.  Frank, Life is not about just 'me,
>me, me and my own spiritual future.'  Many Theosophists seem to accept way
>too easily the inherent selfishness of viewing TRUTH as a means for their
>OWN spiritual reward.

But the aims of the TS are others. Reread f.e. the Maha Chohan letter and
you will see that the Great Ones are not working for the benefit of an
individual and that the TS is not working in first line against false
mundane matters. Theosophy deals rather with the cause than with the
results, don't?

>If you and Dallas choose to love books and HPB more than this planet and
>the living entities in it, so be it.  But don't think for one second that
>all of us are just going to shut up and move aside - for me personally, the
>belief system of you and Dallas is adding to, not lessening, the pain in
>this world.

That is your opinion. Theosophy is working against superstition, lack of
discrimination, avidya, blind belief. The belief system you obviously prefer
has had its chance for the last 2,000 years. The results are known:
Selfishness, blind belief, hypocrizy, materialism, dogmatism.
It is sad that your belief system has no space for critisism. For me Dallas
has the right to critize, the more he does it in a fair and unpersonelly
way. He explains only the working of the occult laws. And judging from that
what he contributes in the net I know for sure that he has understood much
of what HPB teached because he comes to the same conclusions than me in my
own study.


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