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Re: More on censorship of Nathan's submission to Olcott

Nov 11, 1998 10:14 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>As I have already mentioned, I became aware of many facts, historical and
>otherwise, in two years of reading the mail on theos-xxxx that I did not
>know in so many decades and more of reading official publications. This
>relates to all aspects of theosophy and theosophical organizations.
>The power of uncensored maillists are here to stay in the every expanding
>Thanks to John Mead and Eldon Tucker for providing all of us with
>uncensored maillists, I am sure that they are reaping very good Karma, if
>you believe in Karma.

I join the thanks to John and Eldon, I have made the same experiences as
Doss.  Learned more in three years on the net that in many years before in
Lodges and offical, filtered journals.

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