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Re: More on censorship of Nathan's submission to Olcott

Nov 11, 1998 07:55 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Considering the minuscule traffic on the (above referred) olcott maillist,
sending all the posts to theos-xxxx, which are uncontrolled, uncensored,
unmoderated, unedited, etc. allows all of us to be better informed and
allow us to make up our own minds.

As I have already mentioned, I became aware of many facts, historical and
otherwise, in two years of reading the mail on theos-xxxx that I did not
know in so many decades and more of reading official publications. This
relates to all aspects of theosophy and theosophical organizations.

The power of uncensored maillists are here to stay in the every expanding

Thanks to John Mead and Eldon Tucker for providing all of us with
uncensored maillists, I am sure that they are reaping very good Karma, if
you believe in Karma.


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