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RE: Theos-World Confusion in terminology

Nov 13, 1998 04:19 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 13th 1998
 As far as I have been able to determine the "Astral Body" like
all "principles" is 7-fold.  Therefore there is an aspect of it
which serves the "Kamic Principle" (desires and passions).

Kama (desires and passions) are a distinct passion in
themselves - emotional, instinctual, and without the mind they
are purposive but have no concept of the future.  The mind
furnishes through memory and anticipation (FANCY) the parameters
from which emotion gains a view of the past and a hope for the

That is how I see it.

As an example:

Take a book on your desk - it is physical in matter and form.

2.	Underlying the physical molecules and structures is that
electro-magnetic lattice-work or mold that allows the chemical
and physical laws to operate and form the basis for the
aggregation of physical molecules.  There is constant movement
and exchange of molecular and sub-molecular forms and forces, yet
SOMETHING keeps order there and retains the mold for the physical
which persists for as long as the selected materials (paper, ink,
binding, etc.) last under their physical and other Natural laws.

3.	There is a vital energy connected with these and with the
whole book, and this might be called its material vitality or
Prana.  It might be called and classified with all the various
forces that pervade the Universe and which come and go through
physical matter leaving relatively undisturbed.  There is with
each object a particular force called into being by the motive
and intent of the person who devises or shapes it.

4. 	The book embodies statements of emotional and ethical
nature - which correspond to the Kamic principle.  The author may
also hope that the impact of his feelings will affect the reader
and perhaps educe corresponding responses in these readers of
sympathy or antipathy, or some mixture of those two emotional

5.	To create a book there has to be thought and planning, a
reason and a logic and a purpose, also the will to record in
words the thoughts of the author.  Memory and anticipations of
the future, or fancy in depicting action, words and thoughts may
be adduced by the author to frame his story or to place the
results of his discoveries, observations or explorations before
the reader.  This may be considered the MANASIC side of the book.
Or that of the soul and mind relationship between writer and

6.	Most books are written with a purpose: to amuse, to teach, to
instruct to bring facts of life and law before the reader's
consideration - if these speak of ideals and verities, truths and
laws that are Universal, just, fair, and reasonable we might say
that this represents the BUDDHIC or the wisdom aspect of the
book.  This has to do with Karma as the universal law of harmony
that adjusts effect to cause everywhere and in all things and for
all persons.

6.	Finally there is that aspect of the book which causes an
impact on the basic structure and nature of the reader, on the
World and Time he lives in, Space is altered, disturbed - but
this is the Space, Time and Motion of the manifested Universe,
and, underlying that undisturbed and unmoved is the ABSOLUTE -
SPIRIT itself - and this might be considered the unifying and
harmonizing aspect of the book - taking things in their ultimate
condition and meaning.  In fact it is quite impossible to make
any description of this.  Yet, taking this basic concept, all
differentiation emanates from IT periodically.

These 7 aspects are perhaps intermixed in some of their
functions, but, none of them is totally isolated from the rest.
The analysis is only one of the ways to look at an object or a

If we adopt and use HPB's terminology and definitions on which
the whole structure of THEOSOPHY as a philosophy is based we will
find that the several departures therefrom can be resolved.  This
is not "going backward.  Rather it is going forward into the area
of current and present progress and mutual search and
understanding.  This constant harping on "advance" and "new"
shows an unfortunate LINEARITY which obscures the perfect
sphericity and multi-dimensional aspect of Theosophy.

If we take the 7 principles and stack them one over the other we
have drawn a LINE.

If we consider that each of these 7 "Principles" are them selves
7-fold, we may be able to draw a square of 49 parts  ( 7 x 7 ).
We now have a flat surface.

If we further consider that each of the 49 parts arranged in a
flat square are further divisible into 7 each we will have a cube
of 7 x 7 x 7 = 343 - and we have passed to the 3rd dimension of a

If we turn to THE SECRET DOCTRINE  Vol. I p 251-2 we will find
that HPB gives the Occult basis for considering the many
dimensions of Space.  On pp. 257-8 she describes the rules that
relate to these.  It makes very suggestive and interesting
reading. [ see also I 628 and II 591 ]

Best wishes,


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