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RE: Theos-World Confusion in terminology: On the "Seven principles" in Man & Nature

Nov 14, 1998 03:38 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 13th 1998

Dear Augoeides:

That sounds pretty much like a good description but would need
some enlargement or explanation as to the reason for the
selection of those.  I have never found a single word was enough,

But such search and comparison seems to met to infuse life into
the Theosophical Movement.

As I see it and think about it, this life depends on a continual
rebirth of meaning, new applications, and not upon explanations
or formulations made "once and for all."  To be vital workers and
seekers we each think for ourselves and we continually invigorate
our thinking by exchanges with each other, so as to build a
deeper grasp of what we study and work with - the laboratory of
ideas in a constantly changing and shifting universe.  Turning
again to the Source from which we drew our first inspiration is
not, to me, retrograde, but, rather a search for the best anchor
we can find.  I often think of the benefit we could all have
received if the Academies had taken seriously to an investigation
of the ideas that Theosophy had  to offer and advance.  We have
some evidence after 100 years or so of the prophetic aspect of
some Theosophical statements, which is encouraging.  But so much
more could be brought out.

I was reading last Thursday in the L. A. Times an article by the
Times "Science Writer."  It was dealing with our personal
situation from the point of view of modern physics.  The constant
exchange of atoms makes it impossible to determine what any
boundary is.  Every aspect of our living body is permeated, is
bombarded with vibrations of various forces that come and go and
may or may not influence the physical structure we call "my
body."  [ Cosmic rays, Radio Waves of various kinds, neutrinos,
sound waves, heat, magnetic influences, etc., etc., and, there is
the constant exchange of atoms at the surface, and during the
living processes that take place all the time in our bodies -
and, as our World hurtles through space there is a similar
exchange of earthly atoms and molecules with those that are all
around us. ]

Such being the case where do we find our real stability and
existence ?  Apparently in the fact that there is a central
immovable SOMETHING which uses various "vestures, cloaks, forms
of force and matter" with which to surround it, so that finally
it can note physical sensations and influence the physical world.
Science recognizes this but is unable to trace a complete line of
relationship that bridges the gap.

Perhaps Theosophy does this and the information we are given is
helpful in this regard.


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