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vnet discussion lists

Nov 16, 1998 06:02 AM
by John E Mead [jmead

RE: vnet discussion lists:

this is actually a feature of Lyris.  It letes you know of 
distribution problems on the messages you sent in.


please visit the web site

if you do not know your password,  there is an option to have 
lyris (web site) retrieve it.  You have many options you can 
personally set up (like don't send me error messages). You can
change email addresses, personal password etc...

please visit it and set up your personal options.  I can not do 
it for several hundred individuals.

with Lyris you are *empowered* to manage your own stuff ;-)

peace -

john e. mead

p.s. I removed Michael Lea

>> From:
>> Reply-to: (Theosophy Study List)
>> To: (Theosophy Study List)
>> Hello, whenever I hit "reply" and try to send a message to this list, I get
>> error message back saying it's undeliverable to "Michael Lea," whom I've
>> heard of.  Can somebody out there look into this problem?
>> Thank you,
>> Christine Hanson >>

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