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RE: Theos-World Re: axioms TRY SOME "UNIVERSAL IDEAS" for size

Nov 20, 1998 10:51 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 20th

As to axioms:

Dallas offers:

Why not try three facts:

1. You exist.

2. The Universe, World, environment, etc... taken as a whole --

3.	There is a constant inter-relationship between "You" and all
the rest.

These three cannot be done away with so far as our current
perceptions go.

If you want a few more, or some applications and reasonings:

1. The UNIVERSE is unmeasurable (by us) whether in distance or
size, movement or vibration or rest, time, or duration.  From the
sub-atom to the largest conceivable or seeable distance all the
many UNIVERSES so far distinguished all appear to be similar in
structure and movement and being.  This could be considered as a
WHOLE, as a UNITY , as the manifestation in objectivity of some
CASUAL factor.  What this ultimate CAUSAL factor may be is so far
undiscoverable (to us).  Scientist and we may theorize about it,
basing ourselves on its many manifestations.

2. It is evident that there are laws that run interior to all
beings and serve to give them their shape and their existence.
It is an invisible and so far an un-cataloged area of our
situation.  Many rules and laws concerning mathematics, physics,
chemistry, astronomy, biology etc. have been studied and noted.
But the important fact is that every one of these is innate,
inherent in the beings who live in and with those laws.  Further,
all the many laws make with each other a dynamic harmony.  The
differences and changes are all smoothly adjusted in time.
Nature working through Karma does this.

3. The universe is cooperative and no being exists without the
assistance of innumerable other beings who cooperate in forming
it and keeping it alive.  The period of time for any one being to
live is not known, nor can death be foreseen (except in some very
rare cases on record).  And yet it is again Nature, working
through Karma that does this.

4. It appears that "evolution" in terms of experience and
intelligence is a common bond we all share in.  When it began,
where it will end, what our ultimate purpose in participation is
in rarely known at present to most of the people.  Hence theories
of life and living have resulted in religions.  One may see in
this the Hermetic concept of "a stone becomes a plant, a plant-an
animal, an animal - a man, and a man - a god."  There is a
constant growth over million of years of individual intelligence
and sensitivity.  Starting with the "Life-atom" the "immortal
pilgrim" (the Monad - ATMA-BUDDHI) becomes the WISE MAHATMA and a
DHYANI.  WE ought to adopt and intellectually apply the concept
that we are at core IMMORTALS.

5. The fact that prophets, sages, wise men in the past and the
present exist seems to demonstrate that one of the purposes of
human development is ethical and moral.  To make this clearer the
Laws of living are deemed to be cooperative.  Hence brotherhood
is said to be the practice of a knowledge of the general laws
that rule all Nature and all men.  Those that are truly wise are
generous, altruistic, sharing, impersonal and universal in their
efforts to assist those who are leaning to attain to their level
and stature.  This ought to be our goal as a human Mind.

6. Some interior confusion arises in most when considering this,
as the sense of "I-ness" is very strong.  It inheres in our
present "personality" (the "mask" of this lifetime).  But if we
consider that our innate sense of right and wrong is an
indication of a Soul (or Spiritual) quality, then the extension
of this makes abiding by the Laws of Nature ( Karma) "right," and
the breaking, or obstructing of those Natural laws, "wrong."  --
And that, for me settles all this question of the relation
between personal ethics and the law of karma.  Ethics is the law
of Karma as it operates in the human kingdom.

So if we adopt (for consideration) the 3 axioms as above, and
think them over and consider the rest of our situation, we will
probably find that they are self-explanatory, and are in fact

It is like the story of the businessman in a hurry who, 2,000
years ago, ran up to Hillel and said:  "Can you tell me what is
the essence of religion, briefly, while I stand on one leg?"
Hillel looked at him quietly and said:  " Do unto others as you
would have them do to you.  All the rest is detail."

Best wishes,


>Date: Thursday, November 19, 1998 5:23 PM
>From: D. Porter
>Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: axioms vs subjective views

Weel, actually I was trying to find an 'axiom' that we could all
agree on
as a starting point for further extrapolation. But now I'm just


At 08:13 PM 11/18/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>All things that exist, all animals, all humans, the earth, the
>>the cosmos, the unseen - all are one.
>>This is not my subjective view but an axiom.
>>Agreed or Not Agreed?
>What sort of oneness do you mean?  We all breath the same air
etc. so
>because we share a common environment -- we are one?  Or we all
came from a
>common source, thus are one at the root?  Or we all are the same
>substance and thus one?  Or we are varied conditions of that
same shared
>substance?  Or we have one soul, but different forms?  Or some
>combination of these possibilities -- or some other one?
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