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Paralyzation of TS

Nov 20, 1998 05:49 AM
by M K Ramadoss

One of the issues regarding TS movement that is of concern to many is the
decline in the number of people interested in theosophy. I think that the
membership of the various TS organizations is an indication of this fact.
Is anyone concerned and is anyone is doing anything? I do not know. But it
appears that even if anything is being done, nothing seem tobe working. I
just happened to see a passage in ML 38 to APS written by Master M and seem
to indicate the cause/causes behind the current condition. I place it here
for everyone's consideration.

On the other hand we claim to know more of the secret cause of events than
you men of the world  do. I say then that it is the vilification and abuse
of the founders, the general misconception of the aims and objects of the
Society that paralyses its progress -- nothing else. 

There's no want of definitiveness in these objects were they but properly
explained. The members would have plenty to do were they to pursue reality
with half the fervour they do mirage. I am sorry to find you comparing
Theosophy to a painted house on the stage whereas in the hands of true
philanthropists and theosophists it might become as strong as an
impregnable fort. The situation is this: men who join the Society with the
one selfish object of reaching power making occult science their only or
even chief aim may as well not join it -- they are doomed to disappointment
as much as those who commit the mistake of letting them believe that the
Society is nothing else. 

It is just because they preach too much "the Brothers" and too little if at
all Brotherhood that they fail. How many times had we to repeat, that he
who joins the Society with the sole object of coming in contact with us
and if not of acquiring at least of assuring himself of the reality of such
powers and of our objective  existence -- was pursuing a mirage? I say
again then. 

It is he alone who has the love of humanity at heart, who is capable of
grasping thoroughly the idea of a regenerating practical Brotherhood who is
entitled to the possession of our secrets. He alone, such a man -- will
never misuse his powers, as there will be no fear that he should turn them
to selfish ends. A man who places not the good of mankind above his own
good is not worthy of becoming our chela -- he is not worthy of becoming
higher in knowledge than his neighbour. If he craves for phenomena let him
be satisfied with the pranks of spiritualism. 

Such is the real state of things. There was a time, when from sea to sea,
from the mountains and deserts of the north to the grand woods and downs of
Ceylon, there was but one faith, one rallying cry -- to save humanity from
the miseries of ignorance in the name of Him who taught first the
solidarity of all men. How is it now? Where is the grandeur of our people
and of the one Truth? These, you may say, are beautiful visions which were
once realities on earth, but had flitted away like the light of a summer's
evening. Yes; and now we are in the midst of a conflicting people, of an
obstinate, ignorant people seeking to know the truth, yet not able to find
it for each seeks it only for his own private benefit and gratification,
without giving one thought to others. Will you, or rather they, never see
the true meaning and explanation of that great wreck and desolation which
has come to our land and threatens all lands -- yours first of all? It is
selfishness and exclusiveness that killed ours, and it [is] selfishness and
exclusiveness that will kill yours -- which has in addition some other
defects which I will not name. The world has clouded the light of true
knowledge, and selfishness will not allow its resurrection, for it excludes
and will not recognise the whole fellowship of all those who were born
under the same immutable natural law. 

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