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Theosophical Quotations == to think over

Nov 24, 1998 02:27 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 24th 1998


"It is the profane of previous ages who have degraded the pure
ideal of cosmic is the esoteric teachings, and the
initiates of the Future, whose mission it is, and will be, to
redeem and ennoble once more the primitive conceptions so sadly
profaned by its crude and gross application to exoteric dogmas
and personations by theological and ecclesiastical religionists.

The silent worship of abstract or noumenal Nature, the only
manifestation, is the one ennobling religion of Humanity."			SD I
381 fn


"Connected as the Lipika are with the destiny of every man and
the birth of every child, whose life is already traced in the
Astral Light-not fatalistically, but only because the future,
like the PAST, is ever alive in the PRESENT-they may also be said
to exercise an the birth of a child, influence his
brain-virgin of any impression-in a definite manner..."
	SD I 105


"The present is only a mathematical line which divides that part
of eternal duration which we call the future, from that part
which we call the past.  Nothing on earth has real duration, for
a second;  and the sensations we have of the actuality of the
division of "time" known as the present comes from the blurring
of that momentary glimpse, or succession of glimpses, of things
that our senses give us, as those things pass from the region of
ideals which we call the future, to the region of memories that
we name the past.

The real person or thing does not consist solely of what is seen
at any particular moment, but is composed of the sum of all its
various and changing conditions from its appearance in the
material form to its disappearance from the earth...Even so of
persons and things, which, dropping out of the to-be into the
has-been, out of the future into the past-present momentarily to
our senses a cross-section, as it were, of their total selves, as
they pass through time and space (as matter) on their way from
one eternity to another:  and those two constitute that
"duration" in which alone anything has true existence, were our
sense but able to cognize it there."	It is these "sum totals"
that exist from eternity in the "future," and pass by degrees
through mater, to exist for eternity in the "past."	SD I 37

"What is Time, for instance, but the panoramic succession of our
states of consciousness?...The three periods-the Present, the
Past, and the Future-are in the esoteric philosophy a compound
time;  for the three are a composite number only in relation to
the phenomenal plane, but in the realm of noumena have no
abstract validity."		SD I 44 & 43


"The Secret Doctrine teaches the progressive development of
everything, worlds as well as atoms; and this stupendous
development has neither conceivable beginning not imaginable end.
Our Universe" is only one of an infinite number of Universes, all
of them "sons of Necessity," because links in the great Cosmic
chain of Universes, each one standing in the relation of an
effect as regards its predecessor, and being a cause as regards
its successor...the "Great Breath," which is eternal, and which,
being Motion, is one of the three aspects of the
Absolute-Abstract Space and duration being the other two."		SD I

"The Present is the Child of the Past;  the Future, the begotten
of the Present..."
	SD II 446

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