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Re: On James Joyce and the Co-M

Nov 24, 1998 12:55 PM
by Augoeides

In a message dated 11/23/98 7:37:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<<  I would be interested to know why you are calling
 the group at Larkspur as a splinter group.  >>

It depends who you talk to.  The group established in
Ojai maintain they have an official link with the Paris
Grand Lodge while those in Larkspur maintain they
are in the right for severing their connections with
the International HQ in France.  I'm not in the Co-M
so I don't know all the ramifications or legal fine points.
Apparently, the breakaway group won some kind of
legal battle here in the USA in order to maintain their
residence (or legitimize, some would say, their "take 
over") of the Larkspur headquarters.

To clarify my reference to the Golden Dawn.  I wasn't 
implying that any of their members were Co-Masons
but that many GD members were indeed involved in 
mainstream Masonry (sometimes referred to as 
masculine Masonry).

Best Wishes,

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