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Nov 23, 1998 08:08 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 11/21/98 12:01:10 AM Eastern Standard Time,
Dallas writes:

<< Those that are truly wise are
 generous, altruistic, sharing, impersonal and universal in their
 efforts to assist >>

Many thanks, Dallas, for this posting.  I experienced many "Aha!"
while reading it.  Just one question:  could you elaborate a bit
on how you
mean the word "impersonal" in this context?  I think the
dichotomy can be confusing, depending on what you mean by those
terms, and
would like to be further educated.  The word "impersonal" seems
so cold and,
well, impersonal - you get my point.

Theosophy divides the human "principles" into the Individual (and
immortal ones) or ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS, and the "personal" ones.
(constantly being reformed and transformed as time passes and we
live, think and feel about things)  or KAMA - PRANA -

The best place I know of to get these clearly is  THE KEY TO
THEOSOPHY where HPB explains them.  [ see KEY p.p. 91, 134-5,
175-6 etc. ]

"Impersonal" ought to be translated as "universal," or those
thoughts and feelings that we can share without shame or
confusion with anyone.  In general those thoughts, feelings and
deeds that are virtuous unselfish and altruistic are those that
we might call "impersonal" because we are not doing them so that
we will be "rewarded," or secure some special "recognition."
That's all I have in mind, and the definitions are rather HPB's
than mine.

I hope that this is helpful.

No, Theosophy is not cold or repellant.  I have always found that
it gives useful and fair explanations for problems.  It offers
three great ideas to start with.

1. we are all united.  We come from one source:  Spirit, and we
use the same kind
		of matter over and over again.

2. The Universe runs under great laws which are the same for
everyone and all things
		So there are no favorites, and prayer or petition does not give
us or anyone else an 			unfair and an unjust advantage

	3.	Every being in the universe from the most ignorant
"life-atom" to the highest evolved 			Adept or Dhyan Chohan
proceeds through the same processes - so that we can 			compare
our Universe and the many stages in evolution to a great School.

		On rule is universal and that is that WISDOM about LAW is
common to all, and no one
		Ought to keep others ignorant if they know some or all of the

Of course there is a lot more to theosophy:  such as Karma,
Reincarnation, Cooperation, and striving to achieve UNION with


I gotta tell all of you folks - these theosophy lists are so
great!  You can
rest assured that you are not wasting your time.  At least one
hungry subscriber awaits your postings!  A real brain refresher
after a day of
dealing with the mundane.  Car problems, groceries, silly
bureaucracies - then
Spirit.  From the ridiculous to the sublime.  A cool breeze flows
in and
refreshes me.  Almost as good as sitting up until 3 in the
morning in the dorm
room of college days past, contemplating Great and Noble Truths
with my fellow
philosophers, in blissful ignorance of the looming "bottom line"
soon to haunt
all of our vocational futures......Many, many thanks for all who
share their
thoughts in this medium, for people like me to sit and
contemplate and renew
our spirits and remember Who we are after a long day at the

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