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Intelligence & Intellect

Nov 26, 1998 02:22 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is a quote I saw in another maillist.


Krishnamurti: Training the intellect does not result in intelligence.
 intelligence comes into being when one acts in perfect harmony,
 both intellectually and emotionally.  There is a vast difference
 between intellect and intelligence.  Intellect is merely thought
 functioning independently of emotion.  When intellect,
 irrespective of emotion, is trained in a particular direction, one
 may have great intellect, but one does not have intelligence,
 because in intelligence there is the inherent capacity to feel
 as well as to reason; in intelligence both capacities are equally
 present, intensely and harmoniously.

 ...If you bring your emotions into business, you say, business
 cannot be well-managed or be honest.  So you divide your mind
 into compartments: in one compartment you keep your religious
 interest, in another your emotions, in a third your business
 interest which has nothing to do with your intellectual and
 emotional life.  Your business mind treats life merely as a means
 of getting money in order to live.  So this chaotic existence, this
 division of life continues.  If you really used your intelligence in
 business, that is, if your emotions and your thoughts were acting
 harmoniously, your business might fail.  It probably would.  And
 you will probably let it fail when your eally feel the absurdity, the
 cruelty, and the exploitation that is involoved in this way of living.

 Until you really approach life with your intelligence, instead of
 merely with your intellect, no system in the world will save man
 from the ceaseless toil for bread.
(source: The Book of Life, which cites the collected works of K,
             vol. I, pp.115-16)

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