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Round and round and round

Nov 24, 1998 09:49 PM
by kymsmith

Christine wrote:

><<[Jerry] 1. How do you define the "you" that you claim exists?
> 2. How do you define "universe" or "world" that you claim exists?
> 3. How can there be any inter-relationship if only the One (Beness) exists?
>Hmmmm, lessee....   I think, therefore I am.  Wait, haven't I heard that
>somewhere before?

Seems to me that both Descartes and Dallas (in his response to Jerry) are
"begging the question."  The premise and the conclusion cannot be the same.
 What is this "I" that thinks and therefore is?  Dallas refers to this "I"
as a "point."  Again, Dallas is assuming something already exists and is
using that assumption as 'evidence' that this something exists.    

Perhaps even deeper thought is required in order to answer Jerry's most
intriguing questions.

Don't look at me, though.  I've not a clue to what "I" am or what the
"universe" is or what "Beness" is - probably just all words for the same
thing. . .as are ALL words, really.  Hmmm, Jerry's question number three???


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