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Re: theos-l digest: November 29, 1998

Nov 29, 1998 11:55 PM
by kymsmith

Alan wrote:

>>[Kym]  We limit our own lives and thoughts, and then sit and
>>sincerely ponder and pine over others doing the same.
>Don't you think we are wise to set limits?  I do, for otherwise the
>burden might get too much, especially when considering some of the
>"hidden" realities.  Like mink are killed by gassing them with carbon
>dioxide to make fur coats for rich people?  They are bred for this.  I
>certainly pine over such things ... I gave up eating meat for similar
>reasons, and I have not starved to death.

I absolutely agree, Alan.  My above statement was far too broad and
generalized.  As you noted, we often overlook answers that are right in
front of us, but I also believe that you are right in stating the need to
limit our lives and thoughts - we need to refrain from harming and to try
to keep our thoughts focused on compassion.  A person who wears fur or
slaughters minks is, to me, too limited in that they do not recognize the
divinity in all beings - seeing some beings as only objects to make money
from or to "adorn" their bodies with, and caring nothing for their
suffering.  And I do pine over such horrors and the answers to such horrors
do not seem to be right in front of me, nor can I seem to find them within me.

>Dear Kym, you never post BS.

Whew!  This means that that one post I sent to this very list exactly 478
days ago has been forgotten.  And to think I'd been agonizing about it all
this time!  Sheesh!  


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