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The October THEOSOPHY WORLD is Out

Oct 01, 1998 08:35 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

The October issue of THEOSOPHY WORLD just came out. It's
contents are:

"Magical Equilibrium," by Eliphas Levi
"Thoughts on the Masters," by Eldon Tucker
"The Future," by John R. Crocker
"Using Habit Force," by Jake Jaqua
"Rumors and Reality," by Eldon Tucker
"The Messianic Force," by Grace F. Knocke
"Fundamental Beliefs of Buddhism, by H. S. Olcott
"More News From Blavatsky.Net," by Reed Carson
"Book on Mahatma Letters Now Online," by Alan Donant
"Why Does Katherine Tingley Oppose Hypnotism," by A Student
"Masters and Hierarchies," by Sy Ginsburg

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