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And a religion is?

Oct 02, 1998 11:10 AM
by kymsmith

Alan wrote:

>Because [organised] religions, being based upon "faith," allow us to
>believe two contradictory statements at the same time.  For example, in
>Christianity, God [viewed as a "person"] is singular and plural at the
>same time.  Being a male-dominated religion, this is perfectly logical.

Theosophy, that is, the fundamental version based on HPB alone, seems to be
as much as an "organized religion" as Christianity.  There are beings one
is supposed to believe in and pay homage to; prayer in the form of not
praying; belief in a non-personal God; belief in reincarnation; belief in
karma; headquarters that dictate rules and "correct" interpretations of HPB
(kinda like Rome); specific laws to live by and descriptions of
"punishments" should one live another way; and people who are looked upon
as "saints," "prophets," "apostles". . ..

And even though HPB, a woman, is given the so-called credit for the
delivery of Theosophy to a greater audience - Theosophy was and still is
very much male-dominated.

And most of Theosophy is based on faith, and faith alone - there is no
"proof" of the "Masters," "Atlantis," "Lemurians," "giants,"
"reincarnation," "karma," "God," "vampires," "rounds," "root races," etc.  

To me, there is little difference between Theosophy and other "organized
religions" - except maybe, that Theosophists simply won't admit it nor pick
a particular weekday in which to show up your neighbor with your fine garb.


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