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Internet's effect on US Judiciary

Oct 18, 1998 05:11 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Have any one gone to the Federal District courts? They still follow the
traditional customs imported from England. They seem to be making changes
to take advantage of the changing technology.

Judge Susan Weber who presided over Paula Jones case will be posting the
material from the case at 6.00 am Monday on the web. It looks like the
first time a Federal District Court is posting materials on the web.
Usually they release only paper which later find their way to the web. This
time it is direct to the web.

Have we not seen many organizations which claim to have "occult" or
"spiritual"  backing are still in "quill" age tied to pen and paper. Part
of the problem may be ignorance or the fear of the net or both. This is
understandable when you find many of the organizations are led by old
people which much grey hair and who have not grown up in the computer culture.

Items for some thought.


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