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Re: Public Access to Non-Profit Info

Oct 31, 1998 05:25 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:49 PM 10/30/1998 -0700, you wrote:
Doss wrote:

You can get free persuasive help and assistance from IRS to make any tax
exempt organization to be responsive to public requests for the info
already in public domain.

KYM Wrote:
>From what I understand from your post, this sounds like a postive event.
Does any of this legislation include an overview of just what a
"non-profit" organization is in order to qualify?  There are certainly many
groups who qualify and deserve this tax-exempt status; however, I fail to
see how Pat Robertson's cuddly coffee-klatch or schools which are private
and/or religious in nature manage to enjoy this perk, but they surely do.

At the Federal level, the key is exemption from taxes and deductibility of
contributions. The kind of organizations that qualify for being classified
as tax exempt organization was laid down long time ago and not much
fundamental change has taken place. The "religious" exemption is one which
is more broadly interpreted by courts and that is how you find many of them
raise questions in the mind of citizens. But religious freedom is the
basis. As for the schools, IRS has of late been getting quite tough on
those that discriminate on any basis.

KYM Wrote:
And, any non-profit group which balks at having to reveal just what their
funds went for should cause the pop up of four red flags and a flashing
"Tilt" sign in the mind of the public.  And I am always suspicious of
organizations whose "president" parts his/her hair on the side. . ..

MKR Wrote:
Congress felt that more easy access to info already in the public domain
under the law is necessary so the public who have an interest as their tax
money is going to support these organizations. The objective of the
congress is to use the public as a feedback mechanism so that public can
see where the funds are going. It is not unusual that congress and IRS to
get compliants from public which lead to investigation and action on the
organizations which violate the law. After the changes are fully
implemented, which is expected in the next couple of months, it would be
very easy to get info from any tax exempt organization those info which are
already in the public domain. It is my assessment that most tax exempts are
unaware of these changes even though many of them may be spending a lot of
money on tax attorneys and accountants.

If anyone needs any info on tax exemption matter, let me know. I have been
professionally involved in getting tax exemption for poor organizations
working for humanitarian and animal welfare causes which cannot afford
expensive attorneys and accountants. Recently to my utter amazement, an
application I filed got approved in 20 business days, which is unheard of.


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