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Re: Public Access to Non-Profit Info

Oct 30, 1998 09:49 PM
by kymsmith

Doss wrote:

>You can get free persuasive help and assistance from IRS to make any tax
>exempt organization to be responsive to public requests for the info
>already in public domain.

>From what I understand from your post, this sounds like a postive event.
Does any of this legislation include an overview of just what a
"non-profit" organization is in order to qualify?  There are certainly many
groups who qualify and deserve this tax-exempt status; however, I fail to
see how Pat Robertson's cuddly coffee-klatch or schools which are private
and/or religious in nature manage to enjoy this perk, but they surely do.

And, any non-profit group which balks at having to reveal just what their
funds went for should cause the pop up of four red flags and a flashing
"Tilt" sign in the mind of the public.  And I am always suspicious of
organizations whose "president" parts his/her hair on the side. . ..


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