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Aug 01, 1998 00:17 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 98-07-31 21:45:41 EDT, you write:

>P.S. Thank Dear Chuck for your delightful humor and commentaries that makes
>our life just simply adorable. sometimes someone is some upset, and you
>manage to tell us that our problems are only nonesense. it is only the ONE
>that matters, and you have a great way to telling it.

Thanks but I hope that if someone is really having a SERIOUS problem that I'm
not accidentally making light of it (it does happen at times and I tend to
feel real bad when it does).  It's the tendency to make giant buildings out of
little bumps that needs to be zapped on occasion.

I've found that one of the weaknesses of my theosophic brethren is the lack of
critical thinking at embarrassing times (witness the labyrinth nonsense at
Summer School this last week) and rather than get into longwinded disputations
that take up a lot of time and accomplish nothing, I prefer to use the Gordian
Knot method and just cut through the flapdoodle with a well-placed acerbity.

It's sort of like one time one of the board members, who shall mercifully
remain nameless, gave one of his more syrupy accounts of some event he had
been at and I responded by telling him that I never ceased to be amazed at how
he could say such utter bullshit with a straight face.

Chuck the Heretic

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