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Re: the failure to communicate

Jul 11, 1998 02:30 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 01:02 PM 7/11/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>the fact that theosophists cannot exist *together* on a same mailing
>list is exactly why they (the lists) exist.
>I know; -- I started the first one on theosophy (theos-L) despite the 
>help I received from Wheaton or any other organization.
>for the record....
>it took Dr.Don DeGracia physically going to Olcott (yes --
>I dragged him into the foray) spending hours there (and
>in talk-preparation) before Dr. JA even *saw* the issue we were
>addressing.  'Clueless' was a term defined before his time; he is 
>still with us; clueless. 
>(the national lodge for 'at-large' members
>was created in 1993 on Theos-L.  ...  but wheaton did not 
>want us then.  when we were *allowed* to affiliate with wheaton I 
>refused to do so; it required theos-L to become a moderated list by 
>don't forget our history.  we will *NOT* learn from our mistakes.
>that is a proven *fact* -- but it is not *True*.
>peace -
>john e. mead


Your past decisions have been 100% right on target. 

Moderated lists don't work. Just look at the  history.


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