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ACT Efforts

Jul 11, 1998 08:21 PM
by Ken Malkin

Greetings Eldon,

Thank you for your response to my recent post. Points taken.

>Eldon wrote:
>As to ACT's involvement, I assume than only its members can raise new
items for its agenda, and I'm >not clear on how changes would be voted
on, but I'd only expect someone like Ramadoss to make the >proposal to
ACT should the circumstances prove right.

Eldon, as a member of the TSA, you are indeed able to express your views
and have an impact on all ACT issues. The Association of Concerned
Theosophists requires only membership in TSA and a desire to be heard to
be considered an ACTivist. There is no membership in ACT, one need only
be in sympathy with ACT's aims.

As always, My peace profound

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